Apocalypse no Toride is a horror-survival manga written by Yuu Kuraishi and drawn by Kazu Inabe. It was originally serialized in the Japanese magazine Shonan Rival in 2011.

The manga centers around Maeda Yoshiaki, an ordinary 16 year old high school student who is falsely accused of murder. He is sentenced to live at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency Center for an undetermined amount of time. While there he is placed in Cell 4, and meets his three "cell mates," all of which are there for unknown reasons. Wild and out-going Yoshioka Masafumi is the oldest at 18, and is leader of Cell 4. He is serving 2 years and 3 months. Strong and silent Iwakura Gou is 17 years old, serving 3 years. Cold and analytical Yamanoi Mitsuru is also 17 and serving 2 years and 6 months.

As Maeda adjusts to life on the inside, life outside of the delinquency center is falling apart. A mysterious virus is spreading around the world, and turning those infected with it into cannibalistic zombies! The infection is quickly spread by bites and scratches from infected humans, and there is currently no cure. All of this is unknown to the inmates until a prison van crashes into their facility, bringing the virus along with it.

How will the boys of Cell 4 survive in this new and twisted world? Read on and find out!