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Apocalypse no Toride is a zombie manga about a boy named Maeda Yoshiaki who gets falsely accused of murder. He is sent to the Shouran Academy Juvenile Center which oddly enough is a blessing in disguise. He then meets inmates Yoshioka Masafumi, Iwakura Gou, and Yamanoi Mitsuru who make up Cell 4. While oblivious to them, the outside world is turning into a zombie apocalypse, causing despair! And when a zombie gets inside the reformatory and starts to attack, will they fight the monsters and survive or become one of them?

Latest Chapter
Chapter 46 125px
"The Future is in Their Hands" is the final chapter of the Apocalypse no Toride manga. It appears at the end of Volume 10 and provides the "true" conclusion of the series. It was written by Yuu Kuraishi, drawn by Kazu Inabe and released on October 9th, 2015.

Set several years after the creation of the M-Virus cure, it shows a glimpse of life for Maeda, Yoshioka and Iwakura during Japan's recovery period. Read the summary here.

Three mini chapters are also included: "Common Lovers", "King Biscuit Game," and "All Apologies".

Featured Article
Mini Iwakura Profile
Iwakura Gou is a member of Cell Four and a primary protagonist in the series. His first appearance is Chapter 1: Soon Crazy.

Iwakura is a member of Cell Four along with Maeda Yoshiaki, Yoshioka Masafumi and Yamanoi Mitsuru. He is 17 years old at the start of the series, and is serving 3 years at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center. Tall and muscular, this former child solider is both physically imposing and highly skilled in combat. Read more...

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