Bokor Species

Bokor eyes

Vital Statistics
Infected Yes
Status 3 Dead

2 Merged
1 Alive

Abilities Rapid regeneration

Control of the infected

Affiliation Bokors

The Infected

Rivals Humanity
First Appearance Chapter 3: Highway XXX Revisited

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The Bokor species is the main antagonist of the series. Maeda and Yamanoi dub the first one they encounter a "Bokor". A Bokor is a vodou priest, priestess, or sorcerer who creates "zombies" through the use of potions. Once zombified, the bokor has the ability to command the zombies to do its bidding. All Bokors are infected with the F-virus.

We are introduced to the first Bokor at the end of Chapter 3.


Bokors are humanoid creatures. In their final evolutionary state they are always hairless. Also, a Bokor's eyes eventually develop three pupils. Bokors can have the appearance of a man or woman. Currently the only known distinction between a male and female Bokor are the breasts the female Bokor has retained throughout her transformation from human to Bokor. Bokors also lack excretory orifices, which means they probably do not need food to survive.

A Bokor's individual appearance varies from Bokor to Bokor. Some adhere to the above description, while others bodies mutate into bizarre or zombified states.


The Bokor species seems to operate on a primal need to reproduce. They seek out compatible hosts for their virus, or another Bokor to merge with. This merger creates one fetus. The Bokors are hostile towards anyone who gets in the way of satisfying this urge.


Bokors have the ability to heal their bodies from injury extremely quickly. But their major strength is the ability to control those infected with the M-virus. They use these infected people to travel as well as to attack or defend against threats.

Known BokorsEdit

The following Bokors are ranked by their confirmation of Bokor status in the manga.

1st Bokor: Male Bokor I, Chapter 3
2nd Bokor: Maeda Yoshiaki, Male Bokor II, Chapter 24
3rd Bokor: Dr. Sakagami, Male Bokor III, Chapter 28
4th Bokor: Female Bokor, Female Bokor I, Chapter 29
5th Bokor: Yamanoi Mitsuru, Male Bokor IV, Chapter 31
6th Bokor: 6th Bokor, Male Bokor V, Chapter 38
7th Bokor: Infant Bokor, Chapter 39

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