Chapter 10
Chapter 10
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Title My Rotten Lung
Volume Number 3
Chapter Number 10
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10 Iwakura cradles Riku

Iwakura cradles a bandaged Riku

Hanabata asks Iwakura to join them all in searching for weapons. But Iwakura ignores him, looking at the rattling cage behind him. Hanabata continues to urge Iwakura out of the truck, but Iwakura can see the small bound and gaged body inside of the cage. Neither the Cell Four guys, nor Kasahara, can see exactly what's going on between Iwakura and Hanabata, and wait in confusion.

Iwakura reaches out to the cage and opens it. As he cradles the body, Hanabata demands that he stop and get away from it. As he makes a grab for the body, Iwakura punches him in the face, flooring him.

As the others gather around the back of the truck, Iwakura rips the bandages off of the body's face. Hanabata shouts "Stop it! Take Your Hands Off My Son!"

10 Riku lunges at Iwakura

Riku lunges at Iwakura

The bandages come off and we see a terrible sight: A young boy's face, decaying and covered in maggots. Iwakura looks down sadly, and in disbelief. But he has little time to grieve. The child notices Iwakura and lunges forward, trying to bite him. As Iwakura holds the child down, Hanabata tells his son Riku to behave.

He pleads with Cell Four to leave his son be. He says that his son is sick, and that this disease is akin to rabies. He explains that he and Kasahara have been looking for weapons and a doctor to treat his son. But it became apparent that they would need weapons for their journey. And that’s what led them to the Japanese Self Defense Force garrison. Cell Four allow Hanabata to bind and gag Riku again, and set out on their task to find weapons.

After searching around the JSDF they finally find the weapons storage facility. While Iwakura stands guard, Hanabata, Kasahara, Yamanoi, Maeda and Yoshioka load the truck. As they work Maeda notices Yamanoi rubbing his shoulders. He asks if the work is tiring him, but Yamanoi says that isn't the problem.

Suddenly, Iwakura sees a pack of the nimble things running towards them. He shoots, alerting the others that there's trouble coming. As they all rush out, they watch a sea of nimbles run right past them. The nimbles look terrified as they run for their lives. And Riku, still bound, suddenly begins to bang himself against the cage.

10 Nimble eaten by the Infected

A nimble is devoured by zombies while trying to attack the Bokor

During the confusion of the nimbles running and Riku's agitation, the guys see a horrible sight. The mountain of the infected is back, with the mysterious man sitting on top of it again! He and Maeda stare at each other, the man smiling as if he has found something he lost. As the mountain advances, one brave nimble growls at it and climbs upward, headed straight for the man on top. But as soon as it's within striking distance, a group of the infected reach out and devour it, leaving behind a head and partial torso.

Still in a daze, Maeda continues to stare as the mountain sprouts two arms. But he is quickly brought back to reality when Yoshioka yells for him to get inside the van. They take off as fast as they can, but can barely keep ahead of the mass of bodies. As the arms reach out for the van, the van's back door pops open. Iwakura, Noiman and Maeda are armed with guns. On Iwakura's command, they open fire, but are told to conserve bullets and aim for the head.

Seeing an opportunity, Maeda tells Iwakura to shoot down the man on top of
10 the Bokor greets Maeda

The Bokor finds Maeda

the mountain. He aims and fires, but a mass of the infected appear in front of the man, protecting him. Then, in a snake-like form, the mass lands on top of the van. Kasahara says not to worry, because the van's roof has iron plating. But instead of digging in from the top, they stretch downward and around. Linking to each other, they wrap around the van and collectively left if off of the ground. The gang are in terror-- is this the end? As weapons slide out of the open van the guys can see the mystery man. He looks at them through a gap between the bodies. Transfixed again, Maeda stares at the man and the man, smiling, speaks his name. "...Ma ... ...e... da..."

Chapter 10 Tally of the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 dead
  • 69 Remaining


The title "My Rotten Lung" is a reference to either the song "My Iron Lung" by the rock band Radiohead, or the rock band named "My Iron Lung".

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