Chapter 12
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Title He's Electric
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Chapter Number 12
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Yamanoi and Iwakura cannot agree on what to do with the naked man. Noiman wants to bring him back to the Academy to examine him. Iwakura wants to kill him. The two gunshots from the end of Chapter 11 were Noiman and Iwakura "warming up" for their final showdown.

12 Iwakura and Yamanoi fight over the Bokor

Iwakura and Yamanoi argue over the Bokor's fate

Maeda quickly rushes in and appeals for peace, but they ignore him. Agreeing that they will never agree on anything, they continue to face off. Hanabata voices his opinion. He states that they can decide for themselves, but it's usually normal to take the enemy hostage. Yoshioka agrees, stating that capturing the naked man, who might be the boss of the other monsters, is a good idea.

Maeda does not agree or disagree, only wanting an outcome that involves allies not killing each other. So with two votes (Yamanoi and Yoshioka) in favor of taking him back with them, one vote (Iwakura) against it and one person (Maeda) abstaining from voting, majority rules. The naked man (plus Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku) go back with Cell Four to the Shouran Academy.

Back at the reformatory, the Cell Four guys deliver the guns needed to earn their way back inside. Hitotsukabuto is very pleased, however...

12 Cell 4 brings Hitotsukabuto guns

Cell Four bring guns to the Academy

They did not bring forth any bullets. Cell Four explains that the bullets are in a secret location and that they would get them when they were needed. Maeda explains that since they were sent outside without a vehicle, they were basically being sent out to die. So, since Hitotsukabuto did not care about their safety, why should they hand over both the guns and the bullets? Doing so might get them killed. Hitotsukabuto is at first angry but then admires their ballsy proposition.

While Yoshioka, Maeda and Yamanoi deal with Hitotsukabuto, Iwakura tracks down the Nakazaki brothers. He has brought a gun with him and is demanding payback for when they electrocuted him. They plead for mercy but he shoots them anyway. First he shoots Hitoshi, who collapses. Then he shoots at Kyouichi. The inmate looks down at himself and sees that there is only a hole in his shirt. Iwakura informs him that he used blank bullets and Hitoshi merely passed out. Then he warns the brothers not to mess with him again, or he will use real bullets.

12 Cell 4 fight in the cafeteria

Cell Four battle with the inmates

Later Cell Four, Hanabata, Kasahara (and Riku) are treated to a wonderful meal. They devour it, fully understanding that they are being pampered in order to hand over the ammunition. But the rest of the inmates object to this. Complaining that they have been rationing their food, it is not fair that Cell Four, two strangers and an infected child get to eat like kings. They surround the group and fights break out. Yoshioka, Iwakura and Noiman are holding their own against the crowd, but Maeda is soon targeted as the weakest link and must be taken out to weaken the others. Iwakura is the first to come to Maeda's aid, but he is attacked by being distracted. Yoshioka yells at Iwakura to pay attention to his surroundings and is also attacked by being distracted. With their tight formation broken the Cell Four guys are attacked in full force, and are unable to defend themselves from the mob. Being stomped on, Maeda screams out in pain.

12 Riku removes an inmates heart

Riku removes an inmates heart

His cries reach the solitary cell they have bound and gagged the naked man in. As the violence is going on in the cafeteria, he has been biting his way through the tape over his mouth.

The inmates have all of Cell Four, Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku pinned down. One of the inmates has chosen Maeda to be the first one to get cut into pieces. As the knife wielder taunts him, he is suddenly struck from behind. During the chaos, Riku has broken out of his binding. As everyone looks on in horror, the child has punched his fist into the aggressors back, pushed his fist through his chest, and presents his heart for the entire world to see. Hanabata is in shock. How can his son behave this way?

Chapter 12 Tally for the Shouran Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 Dead
  • 20 prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 71 Remaining