Chapter 13
Chapter 13
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Title Picture of Rikkun
Volume Number 4
Chapter Number 13
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13 Riku crushes an Inmates head

Riku crushes an inmates head

Hanabata “Rikkun” Riku, son of Hanabata Shinpei, has just ripped out an inmate’s heart. Once the shock wears off, another inmate tries to attack Rikkun. Dodging with abnormal agility, Rikku punches his assailant so hard he breaks his jawbone and snaps his neck. He then goes on a killing spree, crushing skulls and ripping off heads. During the blood bath Hanabata thinks about his life with Rikkun before the infection began.

Riku was an average child. Hanabata loved him, and when he was bitten by an infected person, he took as best care as he could for him. But Hanabata's never gave up the belief that Rikkun was merely sick with a rabies-like virus and that with proper medical attention he would recover.

Hanabata tended to his infected son, restraining him once he became agitated, and never left his side.

13 Yoshioka attacks Riku with a pipe

Yoshioka attacks Riku with a metal pipe

So now that his new Rikkun, with this new found energy, emerges Hanabata is overjoyed. His son has been cured! But Kasahara tries to reason with his friend- Rikkun is not better. And as if to prove this point Rikkun runs straight for Kasahara and raises his arm to attack him. But Yoshioka comes to the rescue, bashing Rikkun with a metal pipe. Rikkun block the blow, and as Yoshioka compliments Rikkun for his strength, Rikkun launches himself at Yoshioka. This time it's Maeda to the rescue! He rams his shoulder into Rikkun, knocking him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Yamanoi is out of the cafeteria, and running up a flight of stairs. As he rushes off for parts unknown, Rikkun is back on his feet. He grabs Maeda by the hair and raises his hand to attack him. But Maeda has a trick up his sleeve. He pulls out a fork and aims for Rikkun's neck. But the infected child protects himself by reaching his hand out and getting stabbed there. He then removes the fork and returns to his business of attacking Maeda.

13 Maeda attacks Rikkun with a fork

Maeda attacks Riku with a fork

Maeda looks out the corner of his eye and instructs Yoshioka to run. Yoshioka does not take kindly to what he perceives as Maeda's lack of faith in his fighting ability. He takes up his metal pipe again and bashes Rikkun across the back. But Rikkun is up again as if it had never happened. Rikkun yet again reaches out for Maeda, and Yoshioka is scared for him.

13 Yamanoi explains Rikus behavior

Yamanoi explains Rikus behavior

As Rikkun is about to deal the killing blow he suddenly freezes dead in his tracks. He lets go of Maeda and turns away from him. Happy that Rikkun has stopped attacking people; Hanabata calls out to his son. Rikkun turns around and dashes towards his father. Then suddenly he falls flat on his face. As he struggles to get back onto his feet Yamanoi returns to the cafeteria.

They ask where he has been, and he tells them he was investigating a hunch that paid off. The naked man had chewed through the tape over his mouth, and was calling Rikkun for help. When asked why the infected outside of the academy did not attack, Yamanoi speculates that it is because of the pen still inside of his abdomen. Since he cannot inflate his lungs a largely as he used to, maybe his "voice" cannot carry that far. So Rikkun is tied up yet again, as is the naked man.

13 cell 4 burns the dead inmates

Cell Four cremate the dead inmates

That out of the way, Hanabata suddenly realizes that the other inmates may try to kill Rikkun for all of the damage he did. Iwakura says that if that were to happen, they would be killed too since they were the ones who brought Rikkun to the Academy. As Hanabata and Yoshioka freak out, Maeda makes a bold statement. They should not hide the bodies at all, since all of the inmates who died were trying to kill them anyway. He says that they should drag them all outside and have a public funeral.

So they begin to burn the bodies. Yamanoi asks why they don't bury the bodies as usual, and Yoshioka says a burning will attract more viewers. This pyre, and their blood-stained jumpsuits, will prove to the rest of the inmates that inmates of Cell Four are not to be messed with.

Chapter 13 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 78 Dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 50 Remaining