Chapter 16
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Title The Adventures of Rain Dance With Bokor
Volume Number 5
Chapter Number 16
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Maeda has shot the Bokor in the head, destroying it in the process. The Bokor falls down, and Maeda continues to shoot his body until he has run out of bullets. Full of gunshot wounds, the Bokor lays lifeless on the ground. While Yamanoi is lamenting over the Bokor being too destroyed to experiment on, there is a loud crash from outside. The bridge of infected bodies has collapsed. The infected people have returned to there usual docile selves.

Now they are ready to take on the task of killing the infected people within the walls of the academy. As Cell Four and Hitotsukabuto head out to get started, Maeda hears a noise from behind him. He looks back at the Bokor, but sees no movement. Dismissing it, he again turns to go. But he hears more noises from behind him and turns around to see the Bokor twisting about. He yells for the others as he grabs a gun. Out of ammo, Maeda and the others wonder how the Bokor is still moving around, and what does it take to kill him. They watch his corpse slither towards a flight of stairs and tumbles down it. "Is it over?" they ask, but it isn't. The body gets up on all fours, and the guys finally get a better look at him. This body is humanoid, but his head...

16 Bokor dog

The Bokor attempts to regenerate it's head.

His head is an anatomical mess. A large gaping mouth. Patches of hair. A mass of tissue where his neck should be. And a baby's skull sticking out of it all. As Yoshioka marvels at how resilient the Bokor is, Yamanoi is in a panic, demanding that they stop him. When Yoshioka asks why his so adamant, Yamanoi tells them that since he is re-growing his head so quickly, it is only a matter of time before he redevelops his vocal cords. And if he can communicate to the hundreds of infected people surrounding the academy, they'll never survive.

Grasping the urgency of the situation, Yamanoi makes an educated guess as to how to best deal with killing the Bokor for good. He proposes that they try to destroy his brain stem. The brain stem, which was the first part of modern human brain to develop, controls most of the bodies basic functioning. He rationalizes that if they can destroy both his heart and brain stem then maybe they can kill him for good. But as Yamanoi and Yoshioka argue over what to do, the Bokor rushes towards a window and throws himself out of it-- a three story free fall. But even that is not enough to stop him. He continues to drag himself around, looking for a safety. He sees the perfect place-- a sewage drain. If the Bokor can hide inside, he can fully regenerate his head and vocal cords uninterrupted. Yoshioka and Iwakura race down the stairs and out of the building, hot on the Bokor's trail. They just barely make it in time, and yank the Bokor out of the sewage drain by his legs. Before they can think of what to do with him, Maeda demands that the two move out of the way. They do, and he decapitates the Bokor.

16 Maeda is bitten

Maeda is bitten.

As Maeda stands by, holding the Bokor's severed head, Yoshioka philosophizes about the Bokor's situation. He feels a bit sorry for him. The Bokor was literally on top of this new world of theirs. He ruled over it like a king. But now his reign is over and he ran away, desperate to stay alive. And now he's dead, just like anyone else in his situation, human or infected.

Finished, Yoshioka tells Maeda it is time to go. As Maeda turns to leave he feels a sharp pain on his right hand. He yells and drops the head. As Yoshioka turns back to see what's wrong, Maeda is screaming. The Bokor's head has bitten off his right thumb!

Chapter 16 Tally of the Shouran Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 82 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 46 Remaining


The chapter title "The Adventures of Rain Dance With Bokor" is a reference to the song "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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