Chapter 18
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Title Yoshiaki, Can You Hear Me?
Volume Number 5
Chapter Number 18
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18 after Maedas amputation

Cell Four rests after Maeda's surgery.

Iwakura, Yamanoi, and Yoshioka breathe heavily as the watch over an unconscious Maeda. They did not kill him-- they amputated his right arm from the elbow down. Yoshioka looks at the bruise Maeda left on his arm as he struggled to get away. Yamanoi points out that the pain of having your bone marrow sawed through can shock a person to death. They both agree that Maeda is a lot stronger than they've thought. Iwakura thinks back to the moments during the amputation.

After the severing, Iwakura and Yoshioka gagged and pinned Maeda down. As Maeda struggled, Yamanoi began to stitch up his wound. As he works he explains his theory behind cutting off his arm.

Yamanoi thinks that the Bokor has been trying to infect Maeda with a virus. Especially the time in the van

18 Cell 4 threatens Nakazaki Hitoshi

Cell Four threatens Nakazaki Hitoshi.

when the Bokor bit off his own tongue he was trying to make Maeda to swallow his blood. But Yamanoi thinks the virus is weak, and that if they cut his arm off they can stop the virus from infecting his entire body.

As they work on Maeda there is a knock on the door. Yoshioka goes to the door to see what's going on. It's one of the Nakazaki Kyouichi. He says someone saw in infected person go into this room. Yoshioka tells him there's no zombie in the room, get lost. But Kyouichi won't leave. Yoshioka is ready to stab the thug when Iwakura tells him to let the guy in since there's nothing to see. Yoshioka does as he's told and Nakazaki comes into the room. All he can see is Iwakura pointing a bazooka at him. Yoshioka tells him there's nothing to see and that if he says anything he knows what'll happen to him.

18 Maeda sees himself as a Bokor

Maeda sees himself as a Bokor.

Now that the guys have some time to wait and think, Iwakura asks one of the most important questions so far. "Why is the Bokor so fixated on Maeda?" Why can't (or won't) he infect anyone else? Yamanoi admits to wondering that same thing, and has a possible solution. Maybe Maeda is the only one vulnerable to the Bokor's virus. He might be the only person around who can contract it.

Night falls, and Maeda is having a strange dream. He can see himself as a child, walking home from school. A strange man approaches him, and his dream-self takes the strangers’ hand into his own. Maeda warns his dream-self not to go with strangers, but it's no use. As the pair walk across the street a police officer sees the man and starts to approach him. The stranger lets Maeda's hand go and runs away. He runs down the street, and a truck drives by, blocking Maeda's view. When the truck drives away the normal looking stranger has become the Bokor. The Bokor turns to face Maeda and smiles. Young Maeda runs away from the sight. He continues to walk away and passes a store window. He's startled by his reflection. He is naked, without genetalia, and has eyes with three pupils.

18 the Cultists arrive at Shouran

Soldiers arrive at the Shouran Academy.

The next day there is a loud sound above the Shouran Academy. As the inmates outside look up a helicopter is trying to land on the courtyard! Hitotsukabuto is outside with the bunch and tells them it is not a JSDF but the United Nations. He tells them, as the helicopter touches down, that the moment these people try to do anything suspicious to let them have it.

The door opens and four armed men step out and line up. Then a tall beautiful woman with long hair and a large bosom strides out. She walks right in front of Hitotsukabuto and places her hands on his shoulders. She tells them that they've done a great job at surviving. But now that she and her team are there, it is their responsibility to save all of the inmates.

Chapter 18 Tally of the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center

  • 124 Inmates- 82 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others
  • 46 Remaining