Chapter 19
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Title Long Tall Daisy
Volume Number 5
Chapter Number 19
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19 the Cultists address the Inmates

The U.N. workers address the inmates

A beautiful woman in camouflage steps out of the helicopter that has landed within the Shouran Academy's walls. She says that she, Daisy Niinuma, and her comrades are at the academy to save the boys. She introduces two of her escorts as Corporal Top Hatt, the leader of the team, and Gordon.

Daisy tells the inmates that All of Japan is in crisis due to an epidemic. However, the countries that make up the United Nations have been accepting Japanese citizens as refugees. So all they have to do is tell them where they would like to go and her team will arrange for transport. They inmates, feeling relieved at the sound of putting this nightmare behind them are overcome with joy.

19 Inmates happy to be saved

The inmates are happy to be rescued

One inmate asks if there is anyway to find out if his family are still alive. So Daisy says she'll find out, and pulls out a satellite phone and makes a call. She asks for the family's name, listens and then hangs up. She then tells the youth that his family has been relocated to Singapore. Soon every inmate is screaming for a chance to find their families. Daisy says she will interview everyone individually where she can get their information and find out where they would like to go.

As the inmates continue to rejoice, Iwakura and Yamanoi observe the newcomers from behind the crowd. Sceptical of their promises, Yamanoi asks Iwakura what will he do. Iwakura says he will do nothing until he is forced to. He can tell that they are soldiers, and soldiers in his opinion are the "cruelest, coldest living things on the planet."

19 Yoshioka looks at the zombie pile

Yoshioka looks at the pile of zombies in the Academy

While Iwakura and Yamanoi ponder what to do next Daisy says she would like a tour of the facility before the interviewing process begins. Someone from the back if the crowd loudly volunteers. It's Yoshioka. He says he will gladly give her a tour, and states that he's always dreamed of joining the United Nations after finishing college. As they walk around Daisy notices that the facility hasn't been terribly damaged. Yoshioka takes full credit for leading the other inmates in the cleanup effort. When asked where the corpses are, Yoshioka shows them the large pile of bodies. He says that killing the monsters was easy, but getting rid of their bodies was not. He looks over at the UN officers and sees them overcome with sadness at the sight of the corpses. One of the officers angrily asks if they were the ones who killed all of these infected people. Yoshioka says it was them, and the officer stares him down, ready to fight. Daisy steps in and has some words for Yoshioka. She says that these are not monsters, but sick people who have rights like everybody else. Yoshioka tells her that they're monsters because they spread their "sickness" through biting, and then they eat people. She says that while what he says is true, medical research is underway to cure this virus. There is a chance the infected can be cured.

Yoshioka is shaken up by this. If it's true that all of these people had a chance to be cured, then everyone at the academy is a murderer.

19 Daisy admires Riku

Daisy admires Riku

Daisy says that they acted in self-defense, so they shouldn't be so hard on themselves. But now that they know better they must refrain from killing the infected. Upon hearing this, Hanabata steps forward with Rikkun, asking if there is a chance for him to be cured. Daisy says that there is hope for his beautiful son. Hanabata is overcome with joy.

19 Yoshioka discribes the zombie tower

Yoshioka mimics the zombie tower

Continuing on with the tour, Daisy finds a part of the facility that has sustained sever damage. Yoshioka explains that a mountain of people came crashing down on the building, but they were able to fight off the monsters and clean up most of the damage. Daisy asks were the mountain came from, and if they saw a naked man sitting on top of the mountain. Yoshioka says that he didn’t see anything like that, and because they were too busy fighting for their lives they would not remember such a thing anyway. So Daisy is about to go on her way when Yoshioka asks if she could make a phone call for one of his friends, to see where his family is. When she asks for his name, Yoshioka says “Maeda”. So Daisy makes the call, and tells Yoshioka that Maeda’s family is in Canada.

19 Cell 4 may have to kill Daisy

Yoshioka explains that these people are not the U.N.

The Cell Four guys, minus Maeda, meet up on the roof o discuss their situation. Since they already know that Maeda’s family are zombies, all of the phone calls she’s been making are fake. Since they are lying about people’s families, are they even with the United Nations?

Yoshioka states that even thought the soldiers say they’re here to rescue the inmates, they are really only looking for the Bokor. Yamanoi points out that once they find what they that they are looking for they’ll probably kill them all, having no need to keep them alive.

Iwakura asks Yoshioka when he started to suspect Daisy, and Yoshioka said “as soon as he saw her.” He couldn’t believe that a woman as good-looking as Daisy would ever join the military. He things it’s a shame that he’ll probably have to kill such a beautiful woman.

Chapter 19 Tally for the Shouran Juvenile Delinquent Academy

  • 124 Inmates- 82 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • Others- 2
  • 46 Survivors Remaining


The chapter title "Long Tall Daisy" is a reference to the song "Long Tall Sally" by Little Richard.