Chapter 2
Chapter 02
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Title Undead Riot
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A zombie prepares to attack Maeda.

Chapter two opens with the members of Cell Four and Cell Eight are bewildered by what has just happened. While trying to gather their wits after seeing a guard killed and eaten, the person who killed the guard is up and looking for his next victim. He turns to Maeda and the Cell Eight bully, who quickly runs away. Maeda is on the ground stunned, and fears his bloody demise.

As the monster reaches out for him it is attacked from behind. It's Iwakura to the rescue! Maeda watches in horror as the monster is brutally beaten to death by Iwakura, who snaps the monster's neck in the process. Iwakura extends an arm to a frightened Maeda, who hesitates. But then they hear noise behind them and realize that the monster has risen up, despite its broken neck.

02 iwakura snaps neck

Iwakura saves Maeda by snapping a zombie's neck.

Meanwhile, the guard that was killed stands up and targets another teen. The teen runs, but is grabbed by the ankle and dragged to the ground. As he screams for his mother and sister, the guard stops his attack momentarily. Yoshioka has stabbed him twice in the back. Yoshioka informs the teen that he has to run away from there, and the teen does as he's told. During that chaos, the driver of the van slowly emerges in front of Maeda and Iwakura. Maeda says they should also run away, and the members of both cells run into an academy building.

02 no window

Yoshioka demands that all windows stay closed.

Panicked, the teens rush into a classroom and tell the instructor that something terrible has happened-- the murder of instructor Oonuma. The sight and the confession of the panicked students, especially the blood-splattered Iwakura, cause the instructor to run out of the room to investigate. When the instructor is gone, the students in the room question why they should listen to the Cell Four guys. Suddenly there is a knock on the window from outside. It's Oonuma, the instructor that the guys said was dead. The students are about to let him in when Yoshioka demands that they leave the window closed. They ignore him, but Yoshioka drives his point home by nailing one of the student’s hands to a desk with a knife. The students move away from the window but it explodes into pieces. Instructor Oonuma grabs the first student he can get his hands on, and bites him on the neck.

02 yamanoi shoots

Yamanoi shoots an infected guard.

During the chaos Yamanoi takes a step forward with a gun and shoots the instructor in the head. He calmly speculates that the monsters have an infection similar to rabies. They infect other people through bites and scratches and the victims, in turn, attack uninfected people. He reasons that there is no hope of recovery for the newly infected and drives his point home by shooting the student the instructor just bit.

Slipping away from the confusion, the Cell Four inmates retreat to the roof. As the world is and philosophize about the future of the planet. "The rules," Yamanoi says, "of this world have changed. And I am going to witness it all."

Chapter 2 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Delinquency CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates:- 11 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 6 Dead
  • 127 Remaining

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