Chapter 25
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Title Sympathy for Slaves
Volume Number 6
Chapter Number 25
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25 crushed

Daisy watches the infected crush a cultists

The cultists are shocked. A tower of the infected, once considered to be a sign from God, has crashed down on top of one of their members. Daisy and the other original cultist turn and run for their lives. Daisy gets a head start but her friend is not so fortunate. She hears a scream behind her and turns around to see a terrifying sight. The infected have grabbed him by his head, arms and legs. She stares frozen as the zombies, her reason for living, rip her friend apart. Another cultist watches in fear and confusion. "Why would the tower of people, that is sacred to us, attack us?”

Daisy runs away again as another cultist is crushed by a tower of zombies behind her. Then another tower crushes another cultist, this time in front of her. Now she cannot escape forwards or backwards. As she questions why the infected have turned against her cult the zombies recede away from her, revealing Maeda. Then she starts putting the pieces together.

  1. This boy was sentenced to death.
  2. He was shot in the abdomen.
  3. No one could survive such an injury.
  4. He healed himself at an alarmingly fast rate.
  5. Wherever the tower of the infected appears, the Child of Light is near.

25 rock daisy

Corporal Hat knocks down Daisy

As Daisy approaches Maeda, Corporal Hat tells her she's close enough. When she turns to ask if Maeda could be the Child of Light he hits her across the face with a rock. She falls to the ground and he walks past her, unfazed by his actions. He tells her that he won't let her have him. She watches him in confusion as he strides towards Maeda, and tells her that he's spent his entire life for this very moment. That he's been searching for Maeda for thousands and thousands of years! And now he's found him. Maeda can only sit down, confused and drained of energy. He stares blankly as the man kneels before him.

25 bite

Corporal Hat bites Maeda to take his blood

Corporal Hat embraces Maeda, and then bites him on the neck!

Maeda shoves the man away but is overpowered. He is shoved to the ground and Corporal Hat sucks and licks his wound. Maeda continues to flail about, and Daisy looks on dumbfounded. What is he doing...?

Maeda continues to put up a struggle, so Corporal Hat sighs and reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a taser, and zaps Maeda on the throat. Maeda is paralyzed but lucid. Hat says that he'll wring every last drop of blood Maeda. Suddently there is the whirring of the helicopter that brought them here to the academy. Hat flags it down and when the chopper is close enough he grabs Maeda and tosses him inside. Then he jumps in, much to Daisy's confusion.

"What are we supposed to do now?!" She cries as he takes off without her. "Fatheeeeer!"

"You may as well stay here."

As the chopper takes off the pilot asks if Corporal Hat has left anything behind. Corporal Hat says no. They pull up and away, without Daisy.

On the helicopter, the pilot excitedly asks if they can all have immortal bodies now that they have captured the new Child of Light. Corporal Hat draws a gun on the pilot and shoots him dead. Hat explains to Maeda that there can be only one Child of Light -him- and that he'll drain all of the blood from Maeda's body in order to become immortal.

25 dead helicopter

The cultists' helicopter explodes

As Hat laughs at his own maniacal scheme, Maeda notices an approaching light out the corner of his eye. Maeda quickly jumps out of the he
25 hitotsu gun

Hitotsukabuto shoots down the cultists' helicopter

licopter. As Hatt groans over having to land the chopper to recapture Maeda he sees the missle too late. Hitotsukabuto is in the yard with Iwakura's bazooka. As Maeda drops to the ground Hat and his helicopter explode.

Chapter 25 Tally for the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center:Edit

  • 124 Inmates- 100 Dead?
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 2 Others- 2 Dead?
  • 26 Remaining...?