Chapter 26
Chapter 26
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Title Damned Damned Damned
Volume Number 7
Chapter Number 26
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Damned Damned Damned is the 26th chapter of the Apocalypse no Toride series.


26 Iwakura climbs over the infected

Iwakura climbs out of the zombie pit.

Iwakura lies at the bottom of a hole, and watches the helicopter that brought the cultists to the Academy explode. As he looks up and wonders where he is he feels wetness on his hands. He looks down and realizes he is sitting on a pile of the infected! But they are not moving. In fact, they are as solid as rocks. Confused, he gets up and begins to climb up the hardened zombies. As he ascends he tries to remember what has recently happened to him.

He remembers Yoshioka, Yamanoi, Hanabata, and Kasahara standing on the roof unarmed at being held at gunpoint. He remembers Kasahara being kicked off of the roof, and Hanabata being shoved off after him. Next he recalls Yoshioka jumping off of the roof on his own. And then he, Iwakura, jumped off the roof behind Yoshioka. But how did he survive? How did he end up down here?

Once he reaches the top of the hole he sees an amazing sight-- three flowers in bloom. Three flowers made up entirely of -zombies-. As he marvels over the sight he feels movement. He assumes it's vertigo from having climbed so high so fast. But he soon realizes that the 'flower' he's within is toppling over. All he can do is brace himself and wait for it to fall.

26 Hanabata holds Kasahara's head

Hanabata Shinpei grieves for Kasahara.

Once his flower has collapsed he crawls out unharmed and sees two familiar faces. Yamanoi and Yoshioka are standing by, waiting for him to come out. They reunite, but when Iwakura asks what happened to Hanabata and Kasahara, they show him. Hanabata has survived, but, as shown by a grieving Hanabata, Kasahara was not so fortunate.

As Hanabata cries for his friend, Iwakura and Yamanoi examine the bodies all around them. They are all truly dead. They twisted themselves into such unnatural positions in order to form the 'flowers' that they ripped themselves to death. But Iwakura brings up an important point. Massive amounts of bodies like this only appear when the Bokor is nearby. But they killed him, didn't they? Yoshioka questions if there is a new Bokor around, but then the guys interrupted by one of the inmates running towards them. He asks if they want revenge on the fake U.N. workers. When the Cell Four guys follow him they see a man tied up and hanging upside down from a tree being beaten like a piñata. When Yoshioka is asked if he wants a turn beating on the man he-- for the first time in this series-- refuses to participate in an act of violence. He says that he is not up for literally beating someone to death. As one scene of vengeance is playing out another one is about to start.

26 Daddy Hitotsukabuto

Child-like Daisy hides behind Hitotsukabuto.

Daisy is staring into space when another group of inmates are approach her from behind. Brandishing a gun, they threaten to blow her head off for killing their friends. But they promise to have fun with her first. Daisy however, is oblivious to the danger she is in. Her mind is on the betrayal of a man she called Father.

When they force her to turn around, she makes unintelligible noises at them. One of the inmates kicks her to the ground. They hover around her, ready to strip her clothes off. As they circle her she starts to wail like a child. She cries like a baby, and although most of the crowd is confused about what to do next, one of the inmates is not. He still wants to rape her, and she crawls away from him. It is revealed that he's at the academy for 'messing around with little girls.' He crawls after her, but stops when she cries out "Daddy!" She clings to a man and the inmate looks up to see who she is referring to.

It's Hitotsukabuto.

26 Maeda lies broken on the ground

The result of Maeda jumping out of the cultists' helicopter.

When Iwakura asks what's happening, Yamanoi replies that she has mentally regressed. Her mind has reverted back to that of a child's because of extreme psychological trauma. As she hugs Hitotsukabuto he shakes his head and feels burdened by this turn of events. He only wanted to see what the commotion was and suddenly he's a father. The inmates back away from her, and Hitotsukabuto tells them "don't make my daughter cry again" to which they say "Yes sir!"

Cell Four has moved on from that situation to a new one. The three guys are looking down at the ground at Maeda, whose body is broken and twitching. They all wonder, "He fell out of their helicopter...

Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center Death TallyEdit

  • Inmates 124- 100 Dead
  • Guards 20- 18 Dead
  • Other 2- 2 Dead
  • 26 Remain

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