Chapter 27
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Title Survive on Wild Side
Volume Number 7
Chapter Number 27
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As the Cell Four guys surround Maeda one of the inmates describes how he saw Maeda fall from the sky and land on the ground, busted up but still very much alive. As the inmate demands that they get him inside of the academy to do some first aid, Yoshioka tells the inmate to get him a cleaver.

27 Yoshioka kneels to behead Maeda

Yoshioka prepares to behead Maeda.

The inmate returns with a cleaver and hands it over to Yoshioka, who takes it and heads over towards Maeda. Once the inmate realizes Yoshioka's intentions he begins to plead for Maeda's life. "You guys are cellmates and friends, right?" To this Yoshioka punches him in the face and tells him to shut up and back off. He approaches Maeda and looks at Yamanoi and Iwakura sadly before raising the cleaver over Maeda. They are all fearful that he is the new Bokor and needs to be put down before he can cause any damage.

Yoshioka raises the cleaver and gears himself up to behead Maeda. The others look on as Yoshioka prepares to make the killing blow. But before he does he is stopped by a sound. It's Maeda. Crying, he thanks God that his friends are okay.

Dr Sakagami Yukko calls the Academy

Hitotsukabuto and Daisy are startled by an unexpected phone call.

Meanwhile, Hitotsukabuto is back in the director's office, talking to the child-like Daisy. He tells her that his father told him to always take good care of little kids. His father also told him to him to pay back whatever he owes. So while Daisy is in this infantile state she is safe from him. But the moment she regains her sanity he will kill her as payback for what she and her friends did to him and the inmates. Daisy pays no attention to him as she plays in the office. Looking at her, Hitotsukabuto notices a necklace around her neck. It's a locket. When he opens it up he sees a picture of a young Daisy with her parents. Her father was bald, hence why she now sees Hitotsukabuto as her father! As he laughs to himself about the photo the office phone begins to ring! He picks it up and answers. The person on the other end is relieved to have finally gotten hold of someone.

Back in Cell Four, the guys discuss Maeda's condition. Maeda tells them that he does not feel any different than he did before being bitten. All of his memories are fragments-- the last solid thing he remembers is the sight of them falling off of the wall.

27 Cell 4 inspects Maeda's body

Iwakura, Yamanoi and Yoshioka are shocked by Maeda's genitals.

Suddenly Yoshioka jumps into Maeda's face and stares at him. He comments that Maeda still only has one pupil, not three like the Bokor did. Then Yamanoi asks the next akwardly important question-- does Maeda still have his genitals? Embarrassed, Maeda says he'll check himself but before he can the guys jump him and strip him. Upon inspection they confirm that Maeda is still very much in possession of his genitalia. All kidding aside, Yoshioka asks Yamanoi how long will it take before Maeda completely turns into a Bokor. Yamanoi says he cannot say. He has no idea what the virus does to a person's body, and the original Bokor didn't do anything other than try to spread the virus to a compatible host. Maeda asks if they will kill him when he truly becomes the next Bokor. As Iwakura is about to speak up on the matter the PA system turns on. It's Hitotsukabuto telling Yamanoi and the Cell Four guys to go to the director's office.

27 Dr Sakagami as a Bokor

An infected creature strapped to a chair.

When the gang meets Hitotsukabuto in the director's office he tells them the phone call is for them. They are shocked to hear this, and even more shocked to hear that the caller wants them to save the world! Her name is Dr. Sakagami, and she's a scientist in the molecular genetics research lab at The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. As she begins to tell her story we are shown the inside of her disheveled office. And behind her sits a mutated human tied up to a chair.

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