Chapter 28
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Title With or Without Oedipus
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28 Yukko begs Yamanoi to listen

Dr. Sakagami Yukko begs Yamanoi to talk to her.

Yamanoi is on the phone with a woman named Dr. Sakagami Yukko who claims to be a researcher of molecular genetics. She also says she wants him and his friends save the world! Yamanoi is not convinced. Besides her wild request, she has no way of proving that she really works for ministry of health, labor and welfare. So he threatens to hang up. The woman begs him to stay on the phone since the academy was the only place she's been able to contact. The internet is no longer working, and she's called many other different places prior. The police, the JSDF, American and European universities, the Coast Guard... all with no luck. So she started thinking of places that would have phones in case of emergencies, but would have little contact with the outside world, therefore having the lowest chance of being overtaken by the infection. The Shouran Academy was the first place she could reach successfully. Yamanoi agrees that she used a good strategy and agrees to hear her out.

Sakagami makes a bold statement. She thinks she can create a medicine. She then tells Yamanoi that the people who have been going crazy are not possessed or anything like that. They are sick. Then she asks Yamanoi if he knows what rabies is. This angers him so much he hangs up the phone. Sakagawa immediately calls back and asks what happened. He tells her that he will not stand for being spoken to like an idiot. He has known for a very long time that an infection was the cause of the chaos. She apologizes to him and he asks her to tell him about the medicine. Is it a vaccine?

Sakagami tells him that it is not a vaccine but an actual cure. Though she has not done enough research to be one hundred percent certain, she thinks she can create what is known as a 'radical cure'. This is a treatment that will do more than just treat symptoms or prevent a disease from spreading. A radical cure will totally wipe away the cause of a disease. She believes that she can make a medicine that will completely cure a person who has become recently infected. Yamanoi asks her if she has created this medicine and she says that she and her husband have. She then tells her story.

She and her husband were biologists who worked for a government facility in an extremely secure building. That is why she and her colleagues managed to survive the infection for a while. They quickly went to work studying the horrible disease. Over time however, there is only she and her husband left to continue the research.

28 F-virus host

A diagram describing how the F-virus is different an superior to the M-virus.

Her husband told her that people began calling the two strains of the infection the "M" and "F" viruses. The "M" virus was the highly infectious form that is spreading all around the world. This virus quickly takes over the body and is the one most of the zombies carry. The other virus, the "F" virus, was the rarer form of the virus. This is the form that is harder to contract and takes a longer time to totally take over the infected person's body.

The "M" virus stands for "mother". It has changed infected humans into different beings, in essence 'given birth' to a new species.

The "F" virus is the unknown and scary "father" figure everyone is afraid of.

Sakagami states that The idea of calling the monster-diseases that has ruined the world is a horrible one. Her husband agrees, and asks her if she'd like to attach a new meaning to the names. He says they should name their research "The Oedipus Plan". The name comes from the Greek myth of Oedipus, a man who unwittingly kills his father and marries his mother. He wants to 'screw (over)' the 'mother' and murder the 'father' by curing both diseases. It will be risky, but they have time, food, shelter, equipment and plenty of samples to work with.

While the internet was still running, she and her husband could share information about the viruses with other remaining scientists. They had learned that a person infected with the F virus took a long time before showing symptoms. And those infected with the F virus could not contract the M virus. They decided that they could use that ability to create a cure. If they could find a sample of the F virus they could use it to prevent infection from the M virus. But it was tedious work. All they could do is collect samples from every infected person they could find until they found one who had the elusive F virus.

28 Dr Sakagami gets bitten

Dr. Sakagami is bitten by an F-virus carrier.

Then a disaster happened. While collecting samples from the infected outside one day, Sakagami got too close to a fence and a zombie made a grab for her. Her husband rushed over and shoved her aside. As she watched in horror, the zombie he saved her from grabbed ahold of him and bit him on the ear. As she is processing what just happened he tells her to beat him to death before he changes. She refuses to because he is her husband. So instead they chain him to a tree.

After a day of waiting for him to turn he asks her to look at his ear that was bitten. She does and sees a startling sight. His ear has totally healed! He then tells her that he read online about traits possessed by a small number of people who are infected with the F virus. They can heal really fast, and have the ability to control those infected with the M virus. He tells her she needs to begin running as many tests as possible on him in order to understand the virus and create a cure.

28 The Sea Firefly

Dr. Sakagami is trapped on the Sea Firefly.

Her husband changed dramatically over a period of nearly a month. Some of the milestones of his transformation included a decreased need for eating or sleeping. Then all of his body hair fell off. Soon after his anus and genitals disappeared. His eyes split into three pupils and irises. Eventually he no longer had any desire to interact with her but instead tried to leave to leave the facility. So he tied him down to a chair, where he still sits and mutates.

Yamanoi asks her what is it exactly that she wants them to do. Sakagami tells him that she needs them to bring her someone else infected with the F virus because the samples from her husband weren't enough. Yamanoi states that this is something they can do. So he asks her where she is and she tells him that she is on a floating fortress in the middle of Tokyo Bay. It is a man made island named Kisarazu. It is also known as the Sea Firefly.

Chapter 28 Tally for The Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention CenterEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 97 Dead
  • 20 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 3 Others- 1 Dead
  • 31 Remaining

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