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Title Highway XXX Revisited
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03 guard attacked

The guys are hiding on the roof of one of the Academy's buildings, discussing their future in this newly changed world. Yoshioka decides that they must fight in order to survive and just as the words leave his mouth, someone opens the door to the rooftop. It is a guard, but he is quickly dragged backward and eaten by a swarm of the infected. Yoshioka, Iwakura and Yamanoi quickly take action and defeat the infected.

Running, Maeda leads the others into a room with a phone, which also has a PA system. He speaks over the system, trying to tell the guards and inmates to calm down and think before they act. Annoyed with Maeda's clumsy warning, Yamanoi takes over the microphone and gives his take on the current situation.

03 no longer human
Misturu tells everyone listening that the people attacking them are infected with an unknown virus. This virus has evolved the infected into something other than human. This new species will not die unless their brains are destroyed. Otherwise they will continue to attack, no matter how damaged their bodies are. Although they are strong, they are also slow. So there is a chance to out-maneuver them in order to kill them. But, he warns, since they are infected with a virus, they can spread the virus, through bites. Anyone who gets bitten will certainly become infected, and there is no present cure for the infection.

Once Yamanoi is done with his speech, Maeda calls his home. He reaches his mother, but is abruptly disconnected from her. Wondering what to do next, Yoshioka has an idea. Why not go to Maeda's house? So the foursome rushes to the only van at the Academy, the one that brought the infected there, and drive away.

03 1st bokor
With Yoshioka at the wheel, they reach Maeda's house only to find that his family have all become infected. Maeda is crushed, and contemplating staying behind. As Iwakura and Yoshioka try to convince him to value his own life, Yoshioka notices a large mound in the middle of the road. Thinking it's sediment for a new road, Yoshioka drives forward to investigate. They quickly stop however, once they realize the mound begins to move towards them. As it nears them, the gang looks on in horror as they realize the mound is actually a mountain of the infected!

Strangest of all, there is a person sitting on top.

Chapter 3 Tally for the Juvenile Reformatory Shouran Academy:Edit

  • 124 Inmates-  46 Dead
  • 2 Guards- 18 Dead
  • 80 Remaining

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