Chapter 35
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Title Only Shallow
Volume Number 8
Chapter Number 35
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35 the Infected trying to bridge the gap to the Sea Firefly

The infected try to reach the Sea Firefly

Dr. Sakagami Yukko is holed up in her lab on the Sea Firefly, a floating man-made island on the Tokyo Bay. This rest stop between the cities Kawasaki and Kisaraku is Cell Four’s destination. Here is where they are to bring the doctor an F-virus infected person to create a cure for the M-virus.

As she looks at the portion of the bridge that the Female Bokor collapsed she can see many infected people repeatedly attempt to create a bridge to reach her. They fall short every day, but continue to try. She walks away from the scene and suddenly hears a panting noise. She thinks it's a normal dog until it rounds a corner. It is a “nimble”, an infected human that has mutated into the shape of a dog. She runs away from it, not knowing how it managed to get onto the Sea Firefly.

35 Nimble lunges at Yukko

A nimble lunges at Dr. Yukko Sakagami

The doctor runs around the artificial island with the creature steady at her heels. But once she climbs a flight of stairs she is greeted by even more dog-like zombies. Soon she is boxed in with nimbles in front of and behind her. She stops, and calmly explains to her 'audience' what she has in her pocket. It is a homemade flash grenade. She throws it at the monsters in front of her momentarily blinds them. But the diversion is short-lived. As she runs away she is dragged to the ground by a nimble who has grabbed her lab coat. They encircle her again, and prepare to attack.

35 burning Nimbles

Hanabata sets the nimbles on fire

Suddenly an actual grenade goes off, engulfing the nimbles in flames. It's Hanabata to the rescue with one of his homemade weapons. Yoshioka angrily asks why he didn't use it in the tunnel, and Hanabata says it would have ignited all of the gas around them. Then he returns to the task of killing the remaining nimbles around them. But one gets past his grenades and runs straight for the doctor. This time it's Iwakura who rescues her by shooting the zombie in the head.

35 Maeda crying

Maeda cries when Yamanoi is mentioned

After the fight, Dr. Sakagami takes to the boys a break room to talk. They devour all the food she has to offer while she asks who the F-virus carrier is. Maeda says it's him. Then she asks for Yamanoi, the one she spoke on the phone with. Everyone falls silent, Maeda breaks down into tears, and Yoshioka leaves the table. On his way out of the room he slaps Maeda on the back of the head, telling him to stop crying and be an adult.

After some time passes Maeda finds Yoshioka sitting near the water, contemplative as he feeds sea gulls. He tells Yoshioka that the doctor wants to see them, but Yoshioka begins to open up to Maeda instead of leaving.

35 Yamanoi's glasses

Yamanoi's glasses

Yoshioka met Yamanoi on his first day at the Shouran Academy, two years ago He’d given Yoshioka a hard time from the beginning, even though Yoshioka was older than him. Yamanoi was incarcerated for murdering someone while still in middle school. He'd lived in several reform schools and eventually the Academy because of his fighting and lack of remorse for what he’d done. Even though he looks like a spoiled brat, Yamanoi had a really bad attitude and violent streak.

35 Yoshioka in mourning

Yoshioka grieves over Yamanoi

Because of his behavior, the inmates called him Yamanoi-san, even though they were all around out same age. This fear-induced reverence for Yamanoi angered Yoshioka, so he decided to give Yamanoi a new nickname. He settled on taking the last part of Yamanoi Misturu’s last name and adding ‘man’ to it, creating the name 'Noiman'. Yamanoi actually liked his new name, but Yoshioka didn’t understand why at the time. Later he learned it's an alteration of the name "Neumann", as in John von Neumann, a mathematician and physicist, among other things. So Yamanoi liked the name Neumann. The name he, Yoshioka, gave him. Solemnly, Yoshioka pulls out what's left of Neumann's glasses.

He cannot believe Yamanoi is dead.

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