Chapter 36
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Title Wouldn't It Be Scared
Volume Number 9
Chapter Number 36
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36 Maeda's finger is cut off

Yoshioka chops off Maeda's finger.

Maeda, Yoshioka, Iwakura and Hanabata Shinpei sit before Dr. Sakagami Yukko on the Sea Firefly. She tells them that she needs a blood sample from Maeda in order to confirm that he an F-virus carrier. Yoshioka tells her not to bother, because Maeda can prove it another way. Maeda takes a knife and holds it near his arm, but he's too scared to cut himself. So Yoshioka grabs his arm and cuts off his finger. When she sees the wound heal itself, she is convinced that he is a carrier. She mutters to herself that her Oedipus plan can proceed. But when Iwakura asks her what she said she does not elaborate and instead switches topics.

She tells the guys to submit to a shot of antibiotics, since they have had contact with the infected. Once that is done she explains that she needs to collect a sample of the F-virus. But since so little is present in the bloodstream she has to get the sample from Maeda's cerebro-spinal fluid. From the grey matter of his brain.

As she speaks the guys begin to shake. They fall down, and she reveals that she actually injected them all with insulin, not antibiotics. This greatly decreases their blood sugar, which renders them near-immobile. Now she can take Maeda away for experimentation without resistance or interference.

36 Dr Sakagami in pieces

The remains of Yukko's husband Dr. Sakagami.

She lays him on a cart and wheels him into a room with a lab table covered in blood. She places him on the table and tells him that she doesn't have proper equipment for surgery. She has an assortment of construction tools however, both manual and electric. Maeda sees this and forces himself to get up and walk away from her. He staggers towards a curtain and pulls on it, revealing the dismembered body of her husband, neatly placed in several jars. She says that she cried while she chopped him apart. She takes hold of Maeda and places him back on the table, strapping him down. She needs his brain to create the radical cure for the M-virus. She apologizes for what she is about to do, but says that it's for the good of all humanity that he sacrifice his life.

36 Hitotsukabuto punches Yukko

Hitotsukabuto punches Yukko.

Dr. Sakagami prepares to strike Maeda with a hammer when Yoshioka appears behind her. He explains why her insulin trick didn't work on him. His diabetic grandfather always carried candy with him in case he needed sugar, and now he does the same. A fight breaks out but she blinds him with a flash grenade. Then she shoves him out of the room and locks the door. She returns to Maeda and tells him that she has to work quickly. So she raises her hammer again and repeatedly bangs on his head with it.

Suddenly the lock on the door is shot off, and the door opens. It's Hitotsukabuto. He asks what is going on and the doctor rushes to grab a weapon. He tells he that she will grab a knife, which surprises her. When she looks at him questioningly he punches her in the face. Then he tells her that he can see two seconds into the future.


The title "Wouldn't Be Scared" is a reference to the song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" by The Beach Boys.

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