Chapter 39
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Title New Born
Volume Number 9
Chapter Number 39
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39 Riku looks at the new Bokor

Riko meets the new Bokor.

Riku has successfully captured the female Bokor and is heading back towards the Sea Firefly. Waiting there are Cell Four, Hitotsukabuto, his father Hanabata Shinpei and Dr. Sakagami Yukko. But as he turns to go a large male Bokor appears behind him. While everyone is in shock Yoshioka is clear-headed what to do next. If Riku can capture the new Bokor as well then they will have 2 Bokors to extract the F-Virus from. So Maeda instructs Riku to defeat the new Bokor. Riku swings his blade but the Bokor jumps over it and him. Then the new Bokor kneels down beside the recovering female Bokor.

Hitotsukabuto warns that although he's not sure what he's seeing he knows Riku could die if he doesn't get away from the pair. Maeda yells for Riku to come back to him and the infected child obeys. He jumps off the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line and swims back to the group on the Sea Firefly.

39 the Bokors continue to merge

The two Bokors' face merge.

Meanwhile, the large male Bokor patiently waits for the female Bokor regains the strength to stand. He takes her by the hand and helps her stand up. They look at each other and embraces as if for a kiss. Then they begin to bite each other on the lips until they are bloody. They continue to do this until their faces begin to merge together. The group look on in horror as the two Bokor's bodies become one.

Yoshioka asks Yukko is she knows what's going on. She says she thinks so. It appears that the Bokor do not reproduce by mating and creating offspring. Instead they merge together and become a brand new creature. Right before their eyes the two Bokors have combined and become a circular mass of organic matter. Yukko recognizes the object before them. It's a zygote, a fertilized egg cell that normally results from the combination of a female's egg and a male's sperm. The outermost layer of the zygote is translucent, so they watch the zygote undergo rapid cell division.

39 The Bokor fetus

A new creature is born.

Hitotsukabuto orders Yoshioka to grab every gun from his car before it is too late. The all of the inmates take up arms and shoot at the mass, now in embryonic stage. But they are too late. Even with Hitotsukabuto's missle launcher they couldn't destroy the embryo before it matures.

When the dust settles a mutated fetus appears. And it begins to grow tentacles, which it inserts into the ears of the infected near by.

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