Chapter 40
Chapter 40a
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Title Burning Fly (For A Pretty Baby)
Volume Number 9
Chapter Number 40
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40 Growing Bokor fetus

An infant Bokor emerges

Maeda, Iwakura and Yoshioka are trapped on the Sea Firefly with Hitotsukabuto, Dr. Sakagami Yukko and Hanabata Shinpei and Riku. They watch in horror as a fetus, the product of the female and 2nd male Bokor's merging together, stands across from them on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. The monster has sprouted tentacles and is inserting them into the ears of all the infected people around it. Slowly it pulls these zombies closer to it. Eventually there are so many zombies on top of it that another mountain of zombies emerges. While the others stare in terror Hitotsukabuto shouts they should get away. There is a change in the mountain. At the very top an infants head emerges. It quickly develops a torso arms and legs from the mass of zombies around it. This starts the guys running.

40 Bokor baby tastes Maeda

The Bokor baby puts Maeda in its mouth

The “infant” Bokor runs towards the edge of the Aqua-line but cannot make it across the gap between it an the Sea Firefly. It falls into the Tokyo Bay. The group think they are safe, but the infant emerges out of the bay, fully intact.

As the creature moves towards the group Yukko twists her ankle and falls down. Unable to stand on her own, Maeda goes over to her and helps her up. They begin the run but the infant reaches out and grabs Maeda. He screams as the child examines him before licking him. Then he puts Maeda inside of his mouth. After tasting him he pulls Maeda out.

40 Baby Maeda Bokor

The Bokor infant transforms into Maeda

There is a noise, and we see Iwakura driving a forklift. He drives it towards the infant monster and jumps off when it swipes at him. The impact causes the baby Bokor to drop Maeda. He lands hard, but is able to stand. He tells Iwakura to run and Iwakura tells him to run too. Then he tells the baby Bokor that bullets don't only come from the front. Right on que, Yoshioka sends a truck driving off a high level of the Sea Firefly, right into the back of the babies head. There is a huge explosion. And the group emerges unharmed.

As the smoke clears the group behold a terrible but amazing sight: The Bokor infant has matured into giant-sized Maeda.

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