Chapter 41
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Title No Sadness
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number 41
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41 Bokor couple in human form

The female and 6th Bokors in their human forms.

An infantile Bokor, the product of the female and 6th Bokor, emerges from an explosion as a giant version of Maeda. It has the typical appearance of triple-pupil eyes and a lack of genitalia. Maeda runs from it but trips over. When he hits the ground he enters a dream-like state. He has reverted to younger version of himself, and is now at the park near his home. Confused, he notices that he is clutching a piece of paper. He reads it and sees that it is a letter some school bullies wrote to him. As he begins to cry over the letter he is approached by a man and woman. They introduce themselves as the two Bokors who merged to created the infant Bokor.

41 Infant Bokor holds Maeda

The infant Bokor attempts to absorb Maeda

The couple explain to him that bullying is a part of life, whether you are a child or an adult. They tell him that the weak will always be dominated by the strong. They also tell him that humans will always fight each other because every human is different from each other. They propose that they only way to stop the fighting and misunderstandings is to become each other, through merging bodies. Maeda accepts this logic, and reaches out his hand to the Bokor couple. In the real world, the Bokor is holding onto Maeda and attempting to absorb him into itself. But before the absorption is complete Iwakura snatches Maeda way from the monster.

41 Iwakura and Maeda hiding

Iwakura and Maeda hide from the infant Bokor

Iwakura and Maeda find a place to hide as the Bokor looks for them. The Bokor's body is becoming baggy, as if the failed attempt at absorbing Maeda has weakened it. As they hide Iwakura looks over at Maeda and is reminded of a boy he knew while he was a guerrilla soldier in Africa: Tony.

During a flashback we are shown a day in the life of Iwakura back in Africa. He and the rest of the soldiers have returned from a terror mission. One of the soldiers says that Iwakura screwed up by letting a family escape. Iwakura counters by saying a gun the solider gave him jammed. That same soldier then asks their captain how long he plans on keeping a young boy named Tony around. The others comment on how useless Tony is out in the field.

Later that night, Tony whispers to Iwakura that he would like to go to Japan one day. He tells him that they should look out for one another because they are both Asian. Iwakura ignores him, telling himself not to associate with him. He tells himself that he's seen Tony's type before, and that they don't last two weeks with the soldiers.

41 Tony holds a knife

Tony is given a knife to cut off Iwakura's arm

One day while about to leave their base, a soldier asks what they are waiting for. Another replies that Iwakura said he had to go to the bathroom, but has been gone a long time. Their captain screams for them to find him, as he is trying to escape to the nearby Japanese Embassy.

When Iwakura is found and brought back to the guerrilla camp, he is told that the punishment for treachery is having his dominant arm cut off. A young soldier asks if he can do it-- the one whose arm Iwakura cut off 5 years ago. He demands a knife but the captain tosses one at Tony. He catches it and asks what he's supposed to do with it. The captain tells him that he must either cut off Iwakura's arm or die.

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