Chapter 44
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Title Giant Anger
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number Chapter 44
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44 Maeda's zombie body punches the merged Bokor

Maeda's zombie giant punches the Bokor

Maeda is enraged with the merged Bokor for crushing Iwakura under a boulder. He gathers a massive amount of the infected and shapes them into a giant body. He lashes out at the Bokor, stomping it into the Tokyo Bay and punching it in the face. During the fight the Bokor asks Maeda why he chooses to side with regular humans, who it calls the "old versions". He considers uninflected humans to be outdated and nearly extinct. It says that evolution cannot be stopped anymore.
44 Maeda holds the Bokor's head

Maeda's zombie giant holds the Bokor's head

Suddenly Maeda is in the telepathic space only Bokors can communicate in. He has the male/female Bokor pinned to the ground and is punching them in the face, grief-stricken over Iwakura. The Bokors tell him that beating them up won't bring Iwakura back but Maeda doesn't care. He beats the Bokors bloody. But they shrug it off because they can heal easily from the wounds. They stand up and talk with Maeda. They tell him that not all species can evolve, so he should see the superiority Bokors have over regular humans. He tells Maeda that he's defending humanity because of feelings that will eventually fade away.

When the pair leave their telepathic space and return to reality, it tells Maeda that humans must evolve and there is nothing to do to stop it. Slowly the merged Bokor's head detaches from its body and drops into the Tokyo Bay. It grows tentacles and begins to drift away. It tells Maeda it is leaving him because it’s tired of fighting and has lost interest in him. Maeda snaps at this. His zombie-giant grabs the Bokor’s head by the tentacles and says that he’s going to beat him until his hurting over Iwakura’s death goes away. He bashes the head over and over again until it is motionless.

Once he is done killing the Bokor, Maeda uses his zombies to get back to the Sea Firefly. As he touches down he is greeted by Yoshioka, Shinpei, Hitotsukabuto and Dr. Sakagami Yukko. Yukko is excited that there is now F-virus material available for her M-virus cure. Yoshioka complements Maeda on being able to control the dead. But everyone’s happiness ends once they see Maeda’s tearful face. He cannot even properly tell them that Iwakura’s dead but they all get the message. He leads them to the boulder Iwakura is buried under. Hanabata starts to cry, Yoshioka is angered that Iwakura put himself in such danger, and Hitotsukabuto laments that he did not bring any incense for Iwakura’s death.

44 Iwakura rises from a hole

Iwakura is alive

While everyone is mourning in their own way Maeda looks over at Iwakura’s body again. He then notices a construction sign. As the others walk away from the boulder they see a horde of the infected running towards them. At first the gang is nervous until they realize that the zombies are not after them. It is Maeda’s doing. He uses them to lift the large boulder off of Iwakura’s body. What he reveals is Iwakura still alive inside of a shallow hole in the ground. Everyone is overjoyed as they prepare to lift him out.

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