Chapter 45
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45 Fishing

Hitotsukabuto, Shinpei and Yoshioka fishing

Yoshioka, Shinpei and Hitotsukabuto are sitting on the edge of the Sea Firefly, relaxing and fishing. Yoshioka asks Shinpei what he'll do now that the fighting is all over. Shinpei replies that he and Riku may go up north to find his friends. After Shinpei reels in a zombie instead of a fish, Yoshioka asks Hitotsukabuto what he'll do next. He tells him that he will take the M-virus cure back to the Shouran Academy and use it to cure Daisy. Then he'll choke her to death. Yoshioka kids that Hitotsukabuto may not follow through because he's attracted to her, to which Hitotsukabuto threatens his life.

45 Iwakura wakes up

Iwakura regains consciousness

Inside the Sea Firefly Maeda is tending to Iwakura. Slowly he regains consciousness and asks Maeda how long he was asleep. Maeda tells him two days, and he panics, asking where the Bokor is. Maeda smiles and tells him that he took care of it. But before he can explain Dr. Sakagami Yukko enters the room. She asks Maeda to find Hitotsukabuto and the Hanabatas for her. The cure is finished.

45 Hitotsukabuto graduates Cell 4

Hitotsukabuto graduates Cell Four

In her laboratory she prepares to give Riku the vaccine. She tells Shinpei that she doesn't know what it will do for Riku since his infection is so advanced. She'd like to keep him around for observation but Shinpei declines. He says they will be traveling north and that he's fine with whatever the outcome of Riku's treatment is. Yukko gives Riku the shot, Shinpei thanks everyone for all they've done for them and leaves the Sea Firefly.

Next Yukko gives Hitotsukabuto several doses of the cure to take with him back to the Shouran Academy. She warns him not to get bitten or scratched while administering it to an infected person, which he already knows. She tells him that it has to go directly into a vein and asks if he can do it. He states that he knows people at the Academy who can find a vein better than any nurse can, which puzzles the doctor. Before he leaves he tells Yoshioka and Maeda that all of Cell Four have graduated from the Shouran Juvenile Detention Center. He too leaves the Sea Firefly.

45 Yoshioka vaccinates Maeda

Yoshioka vaccinates Maeda

Then it is Maeda's turn to receive the vaccine. Yoshioka asks if he can do it and Maeda lets him. He tells Maeda that if this cures him then they will be able to save a lot of lives. He stresses the importance of the cure. Then he demands 5 percent of the profits generated from selling it. Yukko yells that the cure will be distributed for free and Yoshioka yells back that he was just joking. He asks her if she will be able to save the world and she says she will. With that he too says goodbye, not knowing where he'll go but figuring it out once he gets there. He leaves the others behind at the Sea Firefly. Once he leaves he tosses a spiked baseball bat into the air. When it lands on the ground he decides he will go in the corresponding direction.

Dr. Sakagami Yukko, Maeda Yoshiaki and Iwakura Gou are all that remain at the Sea Firefly.

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