Chapter 9
Chapter 09
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Title No Guy No Cry
Volume Number 3
Chapter Number 9
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09 Nimbles on fire

Nimbles on fire

The explosion that went off at the end of Chapter 8 was only a flash grenade, and the nimble things are quickly up and on the move again. But the next projectile from the truck is no distraction. With a loud "boom," a fire surrounds many of the dog-like infected people, engulfing them. This new effective defense is very effective at killing the nimbles. But it won't go out. As the fire rages on, it immediately spreads out and makes its way to the shed Iwakura is trapped in!

As flames spread across the walls of the shed he has flashbacks of his early life. It is revealed that he became a child soldier after his parents were killed in their home in Africa. Before his father was murdered he begged his son to survive, no matter what.

09 Iwakura will be burned or eaten

Iwakura weighs his options

With the shed burning around him, and the remaining dog-creatures waiting patiently for him to run out, Iwakura weighs his options. He apologizes to his dead father for being unable to survive, as promised. Then curses his solider mentor for teaching him the most "important" lesson of all: "A soldier always saves the last bullet for himself." He loads the shotgun.

Positioning himself, Iwakura places a gun under his chin and readies himself for his "one-way ticket to the afterlife." But before he pulls the trigger, the fireworks truck crashes through the shed with Maeda in tow!

09 Riku in a cage

Iwakura finds an imprisoned child

After reuniting with Yamanoi and Yoshioka, we are formally introduced to our two new characters: Hanabata Shinpei and Kasahara Yuuji. They also came to the JSDF looking for weapons. They offer to drive the Cell Four guys back to the Academy after they've all found some.

As the new team gets ready to set out, Iwakura rests in the truck to bandage his foot. While he does so he hears rustling near the rear of the vehicle. He investigates, and sees a cage covered with a sheet. Lifting the sheet, he sees a small body wrapped in bandages. Its arms and legs are constricted, and its eyes and mouth are covered too. Shocked by what he's seeing, he is surprised by Hanabata, who asks if Iwakura is ready to look for weapons with him.

Chapter 9 Tally for the Juvenille Reformatory Shouran AcademyEdit

  • 124 Inmates- 57 Dead
  • 20 Prison Guards- 18 Dead
  • 69 Remaining


The chapter title "No Guy No Cry" is a reference to the song "No Woman, No Cry" by Bob Marley and the Wailers.