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Corporal Hat/Top

Corporal Hat (Top) is the leader of the Child of Light cultists.  arrives at The Shouran Academy under the guise of a United Nations worker. In particular, the United Nations Peacekeepers Corp. Japanese Support Group, 2nd Choke Squad. He was the one to convince Daisy that she should abandon thoughts of suicide and give her life over to the worship of the Bokor.

The Corporal's first appearance is Volume 5, Chapter 19


Corporal Hat (or Top) is a short, stout middle-aged adult male. He has a moustache, and he wears fatigues and a beret.


Hat is persuasive and level-headed. He appears to be a strong leader- while letting Daisy be his spokesperson he sits back and runs things from behind the scenes. He also appears to be something of a fatherly figure, and Daisy has even called him "father." This facade eventually disappears as the story progresses though. It is revealed that he has an evil streak that affects many people around him. He appears to have been a very strong fundamentalist Christian priest, even before seeing the Bokor, almost to the point of an obsession, as he has an orgasm the moment he sees the Bokor, believing it to be the reincarnated Jesus.

However, when it was revealed that Maeda Yoshiaki was a "Child of Light" his true colours were revealed. He is a selfish man who is trying to become immortal and has no problem with killing or abandoning others from his own cult in order to achieve his goals. He also does not wish to share "immortality" with anyone as he states that "It just wouldn't make sense to have two sons of god" after he leaves Daisy behind and kills the helicopter pilot, both of which were part of his cult.


Corporal Hat was on a cruise ship when the infection broke out. He, along with Daisy and another man were trapped on the uppermost part of the ship.

For three days Hat, Daisy and the other passenger were trapped on top of the boat, with no food or water under the intense sun. Unable to handle her seemingly hopeless situation, she threatened to commit suicide by jumping off of the yacht. But Hatt tried hard to talk her out of it, stating that suicide is a sin. She asked if the appearance of the zombies was part of God's will. When she was about to jump the yacht hit land. She and her companions jump off the ship and swim to shore together. But once they stepped foot on land they are greeted by a hoard of zombies.

When confronted by the zombies Hat, tells Daisy and the other guy not to be afraid, but instead to walk towards the infected, as this too was God's will. So the three of them walked further onto the shore. But the infected did not attack them. Instead they turned away from them. As the trio looked in the direction where all of the infected people were walking they saw a marvelous sight. The zombies were being drawn to a large pillar made up entirely of infected people. And there was a naked man sitting on top of them. The three strangers saw this as a sign from God, and spent the rest of their time together trying to find the “Child of Light” as they began to call to call him. Their first stop was the Yokosuka Naval Base, which was being used by the United Nations. There they were able recruit more people for their mission to find him. Their travels eventually lead them to the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center.

Current PlotEdit

He is believed to be deceased after Hitotsukabuto shoots down his helicopter with a missile.