• Dr. Sakagami
  • Dr. Sakagami

Dr. Sakagami is a biologist specializing in viruses who has been infected with the F virus. He and his wife, Dr. Yukko Sakagami, began studying the viruses as soon as the outbreak occurred. Even though her husband has been infected and transformed, Yukko continues on with their work to create a cure for the M virus.

First Appearance: Chapter 27: “With or Without Oedipus”


As an uninfected human, Dr. Sakagami was a man of average build and height. He had dark hair, facial stubble appeared to be in his mid-thirties.

Once he became infected with the F virus, his body drastically changed. He lost his hair, teeth and genitals. Then he metamorphic into a creature with a head similar to a hammer head shark. His eyes rested in two long protrusions on either side of his head, and his nose was raised to about where a regular human’s eyes would be situated on the face.


Dr. Sakagmi and his wife Yukko were virologists at a government research facility. The building contained destructive diseases and as such was built very securely. Therefore the couple, along with other scientists, were able to successfully shelter themselves once the virus became a global threat.  They quickly set out to research the virus. As they worked, they kept up-to-date with the findings and speculations of other scientists around the world, until the most useful forms of mass communication failed.

Since there was an overabundance of infected people surrounding the facility, the scientists had plenty of fresh samples of the virus to work with. Sadly, he watched as his co-workers died one by one. Eventually he and his wife were the only ones left to continue the tasks of dissecting the virus and creating a cure.

They learned that there were in fact two viruses—one that spread quickly and indiscriminately, and one that was slower to incubate within its host, and could only infect only selectively fully infected its host. The former was dubbed the M virus, “M” for mother, and the latter was coined the F virus, “F” for “Father”.

The M virus has a very quick and effective rate of transmission. Those infected will quickly become undead cannibals—attacking any uninfected attacking any uninfected human within sight.

The F virus is harder to pass on. Once it has been successfully contracted, it takes a very long time to alter its host’s body.

While out collecting blood samples, Dr. Sakagami was grabbed from behind and savagely bitten on the ear. As his wound quickly healed it was apparent that he’d been infected with the F virus. He urged his wife to chain him up and document his stages of metamorphosis.

The symptoms gradually appeared in stages, unlike the rapid onset of change exhibited by M virus victims. Dr. Sakagami experienced a decreased need for sleep and food. Then his hair fell out. He stopped communicating with his wife. He lost his genitals. His head changed into something…else. Was Dr. Sakagami still a scientist? Still a loving husband? Whatever internal life he was experiencing is completely unknown.  Repeated attempts to escape the facility was the only observable desire he now had.

Yukko finally decided it was time to abandon their facility in favor of the Sea Firefly. She felt that she had an idea of how to create a cure for the M virus. She needed a fresh sample of F virus—a living human being, because once her husband completed his transformation, the F virus left his body.

In order to leave she had to heavily bind her husband to an office chair to transport him. It was her only guarantee that he would not wander away into the world without her.

As Yukko carted him to her car a startling sight befell them- a woman, slim and hairless with a blank facial expression. She looking down at the couple from a mountain of zombies— a ‘female’ Bokor. She pursued the couple relentlessly. The doctor eventually reached the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. She managed to drive over it and onto the Kasarazu side of the Bay before the weight of her zombie tower collapsed the rest of the bridge. This makes the trip to bring her a sample very difficult for the guys because they are stuck on the Kaswsaki side of the bridge, the side that was destroyed.

Current PlotEdit

Dr. Sakagami is persuably with his with Dr. Yuuki Sakagami on the Sea Firefly, awaiting Cell 4 to bring her an F virus infected human for her M virus cure.