Dr. Yukko Sakagami

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Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Infected No
Status Alive
Abilities Scientist
Affiliation Dr. Sakagami
First Appearance Chapter 27: Survive on Wild Side

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Dr. Sakagami Yukko is a researcher who contacts the academy for help "saving the world". She believes that, with the help of an F-Virus carrier, she can create a radical cure for the M-Virus: one that will prevent a newly infected person from becoming a zombie.


Sakagami Yukko has black hair, often tied back in a ponytail, an average female build and wears glasses.


She appears unaccustomed to fighting the infected, as she seemed to struggle against a pack of nimble things before she was saved by the members of Cell 4 and Shinpei. She is also extremely possessed by her work and is determined to see it through to its success, sometimes going to extreme lengths. She has dissected her husband and is currently attempting to do the same to Maeda in an attempt to create the radical cure.


Dr. Sakagami Yukko, along with her husband Dr. Sakagami, were virologists for the Japanese government when the zombie viruses broke out. Before the internet stopped working they learned of the doctor overseas who discovered that there are in fact two viruses-- the M-virus and the F-virus.

Journey to the Sea FireflyEdit

27 Sakagami Yukko chain smoking

Yukko chain smoking

The Shouran Academy receives it's first phone call since the zombie outbreak occurred. It's Yukko. She is relieved to have contacted someone. She was unable to contact the police, the military or any universities. So she decided to call places with little contact with the outside world and was most likely had survivors and working phones. That lead her to call prisons and detention centers.

Then she starts to explain the purpose of her call. While on the phone with Yamanoi she tells him that the violent people roaming around the world are infected with a virus like rabies. She unintentionally offends him, who already knows that an infection is at the root of this and does not like to be talked down to. She apologizes.

28 Dr Sakagami and Yukko

Yukko and her mutated husband

She explains that her husband was infected by the F-Virus while they were researching for a cure. She documented his change from a regular human being to a Bokor. As he continued to change he began trying to escape the lab, so she tied him down. Then a female Bokor appeared and attacked them and the lab. So she carted her husband away and drove across the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. The Bokor smashed the Aqua-line in half while trying to catch them. So Yukko and her husband are stuck on the Kawasaki side of the Sea Firefly and the female Bokor is stuck on the Kisarazu side. With thier help she aims to finish the cure.

What she needs from them is a newly infected F-virus carrier. She needs such a person to create a cure for the M-virus. Maeda volunteers, and Iwakura, Yoshioka and Yamanoi agree to escort him. She will wait for them to arrive at the Sea Firefly.

The Sea FireflyEdit

35 Nimble stares at Dr Yukko Sakagami

A nimble zombie threatens Yukko

Yukko waits on the Sea Firefly for the guys to bring her Maeda. As she walks around she observed the infected trying and failing to create a bridge out long enough to reach the Sea Firefly. Suddenly she is cornered by some nimbles. She throws a flash grenade at them but they quickly recover and begin to chase her. Suddenly there is a flash of light and the nimbles burst into flames. It's Hanabata Shinpei. The guys have finally arrived.

She asks if they've brought her an F-virus carrier. She also asks where is Yamanoi, the one she spoke with. Everyone gets silent. Maeda starts to cry and Yoshioka excuses himself from the table. Iwakura tells her that Yamanoi is dead.

Once they've gotten over a brief period of mourning she asks them for proof of Maeda being an F-virus carrier. Yoshioka grabs Maeda by the wrist, slams his hand down, and cuts off his index finger. Yukko is terrified, but Hanabata assures her that everything is alright. Sure enough Maeda's finger grows back to normal. Satisfied, she tells the guys that she needs to give them all an injection of antibiotics as a counter measure to whatever they may have encountered on the outside. They agree but once she is finished they quickly drop to the ground. She has drugged the Cell 4 members with an excessive amount of insulin in order to abduct Maeda. She says she the greatest concentration of the F-virus is in the cerebro-spinal fluid. This resides in the grey matter of his brain.

36 Dr Sakagami Yukko prepares to kill Maeda

Dr. Sakagami Yukko prepares to kill Maeda

Yukko carts Maeda into a room covered in blood. She tells him that she doesn't have any delicate surgical tools, so she has to use the construction tools she's found on the Sea Firefly. Therefor the extraction of his grey matter will kill him. He struggles with her but fails. During the struggle Maeda sees several jars full of body parts. It's a humanoid creature. She tells him that it's her husband. She says that this is what the F-virus did to him, and that she cried while she chopped him up. Then she prepares to to dissect Maeda alive until Yoshioka appears behind her. He tells her why her insulin trick didn't work on him and begins to fight her. She gets the upper hand with a flash grenade and shoves him out the door, locking it.

She goes back to Maeda and mercilessly bludgeons him in the head with a hammer. Soon there is a gunshot and the door opens. Hitotsukabuto walks through the door and punches Yukko to the ground, saving Maeda.

Hitotsukabuto explains that Daisy has been bitten and so he came to the Sea Firefly to get the M-virus cure for her. He wants the satisfaction of killing her himself. He does not care if Maeda has to die in the process. Yukko explains that she doesn't want to kill Maeda, but it's the only way to save humanity. Yoshioka doesn't believe her, nor does he care for Hitotsukabuto's reason for creating the cure.

Maeda proposes an alternative. They can use the other F-virus carrier he can sense nearby. He takes everyone outside and points to the female Bokor. She is standing on the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. But Iwakura points out the problem with capturing her. He shoots at her and she uses a mass of the infected as a shield. Refusing to be denied, Hitotsukabuto tries to hit Maeda with a machete to knock him out for Yukko. But before he can hit him Riku instinctively protects Maeda.

Realizing that they can use this to their advantage, Yoshioka proposes they send Riku over to the Kisarazu side of the Aqua-line to capture the female Bokor. Shinpei objects to using his child in this. Yoshioka explains that if Riku goes over he has a chance of coming back, but Maeda may not. Shinpei still objects, so Iwakura turns to the Yukko. He asks her if the cure will do anything for someone who is in an advanced stage of infection. Yukko states that the cure won’t reverse infection but it will prevent further progression and alleviate some of the symptoms. With this in mind, Hanabata allows Maeda to guide Riku over to the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line to grab the female Bokor.

Maeda uses his voice to guide Riku to the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. Riku swims through the bay, climbs up a pier and dodges the zombies the female Bokor has used to protect her. Once the action stops Riku has successfully subdued the female Bokor.

Current PlotEdit

40 Yukko's broken ankle

Yukko twists her ankle while running

As Riku heads back towards the Sea Firefly with the female Bokor a newer, larger male Bokor appears. Madea yells to Riku, telling him to defeat him the way he defeated her. But the male just jumps over him and Riku is called back to avoid any harm. Meanwhile, the male Bokor goes over to the weakened female Bokor and embraces her. The group watch in horror as the two Bokors begin to bite at each other's faces. Their bodies begin to merge until they become one lump of flesh. Then they turn into a sphere. Yukko recognizes it to be a zygote undergoing rapid cell division. The guys open fire on it but it's no use. Once the gun smoke clears the zygote has become a fetus. This newborn then sprouts tendrils and inserts them into the ears of all the zombies around it. It draws them towards itself and creates a massive body out of the infected. It instantly reaches out for the group.

During the fight against this merged Bokor Yukko twists her ankle while running away. Maeda stops to help her and is grabbed by the Bokor and put into its mouth. Yukko hides away as the merged Bokor transforms into a giant version of Maeda.

45 Yukko vaccinates Riku

Yukko vaccinates Riku

 After Maeda wins the battle against the merged Bokor Yukko is happy to finally have enough F-virus material to make an M-virus cure. She creates the cure and distributes it out. She gives Hitotsukabuto several doses of the cure to take back with him to the Shouran Academy. He injects Riku with it, hoping to halt any further symptoms of his M-virus infection. She prepares to give some to Maeda but Yoshioka insists he'll give it to him. Then she has a brief argument with Yoshioka because he jokingly suggests Yukko sell the cure but she wants to give it away.

Dr. Sakagami Yukko remains at the Sea Firefly with Maeda and Iwakura after Hitotsukabuto, Yoshioka and the Hanabatas take their leave.

Epilogue Edit

Sakagami-few years later

Yukko Sakagami few years after the infected epidemic

Few years after the infected epidemic,Yukko earns a nobel prize for curing the infected,She however continues her research on finding various cures for the people infected with various types of infected viruses including those who are uncured and bring more vaccines to prevent people from being infected