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Future is in their hands
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Title The Future Is In Their Hands
Volume Number 10
Chapter Number Final Chapter
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Few years after the infected epidemic and creation of the M-Virus cure, civilization slowly returns to normal. The military now gathers the uncured infected and locks them up in various areas to prevent harm to citizens. A young boy named Hiroto is walking to school when he encounters one of the infected imprisoned areas and continues on his way.

The after math of the infected epidemic

The aftermath of the Infected epidemic

In the classroom ,A teacher lectures on the black plague and compares it to the infected epidemic few years ago.He mentions about Yuuko Sagami who earned a nobel prize two years ago for curing the infected and continues her research on finding various cures for the people who are infected with various types of infected viruses, Bringing  more vaccines to prevent people from being infected and finding a cure to those who are uncured.

After class Hiroto walks with his friend to the game centre.Hiroto's friend felt hungry and decides to stop at some Apple Orchard which are ratios meant for the town citizens ,Hiroto climbs one of the trees to pick some apples but fell down until he was saved by a gardener who is revealed to be Maeda Yoshiaki,He reminds them that these are meant for the people in this town.They apologise to him and went on their way,Iwakura who is now Yoshioka's co-worker and is considered an amputee since he no longer has his left arm throws two apples to the boys claiming that the wind blew them off the trees.

At the game centre which is named Lucky Hill II ,Hiroto saw what appeared to be the rusted remains of Yamanoi Mitsuru's glasses on the counter he tries them on but the owner revealed as Yoshioka Masafumi (though we never see his face) takes them off reminding him not to pick someone else's property without the elder's permission.He lets them come in and shows them how to play pinball while he is about to tell a story about how he and his friends play a key role in saving the world from the infected epidemic.

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