01 a Guard yelling at Cells 4 and 8

A guard yelling at the inmates

The guards serve as both instructors and security personnel at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center. There is a total of 20 guards who watch over the 124 inmates at the Academy.


The guards normally dressed in button-up shirts and peaked caps with badges on them.


01 Guards break up a fight

Shouran Academy guards break up an inmate fight

Prior to the outbreak the guards were in total control of the inmates. They easily broke up fights and punished troublemakers. The tables were turned with the arrival of a new inmate. When the outbreak begins on the exercise yard a guard, insturctor Oonuma, is the first one to be killed by an infected inmate. Early on in the
03 Infected Inmate bites a Guards ear

A guard is overwhelmed by infected inmates

outbreak the majority of the guards are killed, all being overwhelmed by the quickly spreading cannibal virus.

By the end of Chapter 3, when Cell Four leave the Academy to check on Maeda Yoshiaki's family, 18 of the 20 guards are dead. Among the dead is the Director of the Academy. He is lying on floor of his office at the feet Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu, possibly dying by the inmate's hand.

Current PlotEdit

As of Chapter 34 there are only 2 guards remaining alive at the Academy, but their whereabouts are currently unknown.