Hanabata Riku

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Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Abilities Strength

Immunity to pain

Affiliation Hanabata Shinpei

Kasahara Yuuji
Cell Four

First Appearance Chapter 8: No Guy No Cry

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Hanabata “Rikkun" Riku is the son of Hanabata Shinpei. He is Infected with the common M-virus, and his father, along with Kasahara Yuuji, are looking for a doctor to cure him.


Riku looks similarly deformed to other infected, except he is a young boy rather than an adult/adolescent. From what we can see we know he has black hair like his father. 


Since Riku is an infected young boy we don't know much about his personality. His behavior however will change depending upon his environment. He is usually very calm while wrapped up in bandages and near his father. But he, like every other M-virus carrier, becomes obedient and even aggressive whenever he is controlled by a Bokor. Riku seems to have been a happy child before being infected.


Riku possesses great speed and strength when he is being controlled by a Bokor. He once punched a hole in an inmates chest, ran up a wall and ripped another inmate's head off.  In chapter 13, he is controlled by the Bokor and kills many inmates with superhuman strength and speed. Shinpei believes that he is "cured" because he was moving around so much. He has also moved faster than Hitotsukabuto's 2-second sight could predict in order to protect Maeda.


JSDF Weapons RetrivalEdit

10 Iwakura rips off Rikus bandages

Iwakura rips off Riku's bandages

While searching for weapons at the Japanese Self-Defense Force garrison, Maeda, Yoshioka and Yamanoi meet Kasahara Yuuji and Hanabata Shinpei. These two friends had the same idea of looking for weapons at the JSDF. They have been driving around Japan in order to find a doctor to treat Shinpei's son Riku. The group rescues Iwakura from a burning storage shed and locates some weapons. Everone but Iwkaura (who's foot is injured) looks at the guns and ammunition they have found. While alone in the Kasahara's fireworks truck Iwakura hears a noise. He investigates and sees a cage with something wrapped up inside. He removes the object and realizes it's a child's body. As he begins to unwrap it Shinpei rushes over to him, demanding that he stop. Iwakura punches him in the face and removes the bandages from the child's face. He is stunned to see the child's face. He's a zombie and is covered in maggots. Suddenly the child lunges at Iwakura, who holds him back. Shinpei explains that this is his son Riku. He says that Riku is sick and needs a doctor to get better. The group decide to let Shinpei wrap his son up again and place him back in his cage.

As the guys load up the van with their newly found weapons, Riku begins to bang against his cage. Iwakura sees a large herd of dog-like zombies run away from a mountain of infected people. The Bokor is on top of it, and his control of the zombie mountain is having an affect on Riku. Once the guys have subdued and captured the Bokor Riku goes back to normal. Everyone goes back to the Shouran Academy with the Bokor and the guns.

The Death of the 1st BokorEdit

12 Riku removes an inmates heart

Riku removes an inmates heart

When Cell Four return to the Academy, Maeda tells Hitotsukabuto that he can keep the guns but they will withhold the ammunition. This is punishment for sending them outside of the Academy walls without a car. Hitotsukabuto agrees to the deal, but decides to treat them to a feast as a way to persuade them into handing over the bullets. While eating a large group of inmates surround and threaten Cell Four and company. They are angry because the guys are being rewarded even though they skipped out on the hard job of killing and removing the infected in the Academy. A huge fight breaks out and suddenly Riku breaks out of his restraints and starts killing inmates left and right. He even attacks Yoshioka and Maeda, but before he can deliver a killing blow to Maeda he suddenly drops to the ground. Yamanoi appears and tells everyone that the Bokor chewed through his restraints and was controlling Riku vocally. After Riku is released from the Bokor's control, he stops being able to move and is bound up again so that he cannot become a threat to others.

While Riku is locked away the 1st Bokor escapes from his solitary cell, destroys half of the Academy, infects Maeda with the F-virus and is eventually killed.

The Child of Light CultistsEdit

21 Daisy talks to Hanabata about Riku

Daisy invites the Hanabatas into their cult.

Once the 1st Bokor is murdered a mysterious group of people arrive at the Academy. Disguised as soldiers, they claim to be United Nations workers sent to rescue the inmates. They soon reveal that they are in fact a cult who worship the Bokor and follow him wherever he goes. Their travels led them to the Academy. Cell Four, Hitotsukabuto and Kasahara instantly don't trust the soldiers from the start, and sneak off to devise a plan to murder them.

Meanwhile, The cultists, Niinuma Daisy in particular, invite the Hanabatas to join their cult. They love Riku, and although it is impossible for all of the infected and non-infected to completely co-exist they want to take the family along with them. Hanabata refuses and is shoved off a roof as punishment for that and for withholding info about the 1st Bokor. He and Riku survive, but Kasahara dies. Eventually all but one of the cultists are killed.

Journey to the Sea FireflyEdit

With the Child of Light Cult erraticated Cell Four talk to Maeda about his infection. But before they can learn much from him they are summoned to Hitotsukabuto's office. He has just received a phone call. It's from a Dr. Sakagami Yukko, a scientist who claims she can create a cure for the M-virus. She only needs a newly infected F-virus So Cell Four and the Hanabatas go to her laboratory on the Sea Firefly to deliver newly infected Maeda to her. Riku is first kept in a box and then strapped onto his father's back as they travel through Tokyo and within the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line.

38 Riku instinctively protects Maeda

Riku protects Maeda from Hitotsukabuto.

Thanks to Yamanoi's heroic sacrifice the remaining five arrive to the Sea Firefly. But they soon discover that in order to make a cure for the M-virus, the doctor needs gray matter from Maeda's brain. She does not have proper surgical tools, so she must use contruction tools, which will kill him in the process. She disables Shinpei and Iwakura but not Yoshioka. She manages to keep him away, but suddenly Hitotsukabuto arrives and stops her from experimenting on Maeda.

Hitotsukabuto has followed the guys because Daisy has been bitten. He wants her to stay alive long enough for him to get his revenge on her as soon as she gets her memories back. He demands Maeda give his life for the cure. Maeda says no, but that their is another F-virus carrier nearby. It is the female Bokor that chased Dr. Sakagami Yukko to the Sea Firefly. But she will not be easy to capture, since she has a horde of zombies at her disposal to shield herself with. Undaunted, Hitotsukabuto attacks Maeda from behind but is stopped by Riku. Maeda somehow unconciously ordered Riku to protect him.

Current PlotEdit

Riku has been sent to the Tokyo Aqua-line bridge to kidnap the female Bokor. He sucessfully avoids being attacked by zombies controlled by the female Bokor. He manages to puncture her lungs thus preventing her from controlling him and the infected all around her. As he heads back to the Sea Firefly with her slung over his shoulder the zombies behind him rise up and part down the middle, making a long pathway between them. When Riku turns around he sees a large, muscular man with no hair, no genitals and eyes with three pupils.