Hanabata Shinpei

Hanabata profile

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected No
Status Alive
Abilities Knowledgeable of explosives
Affiliation Hanabata Riku

Kasahara Yuuji
Cell Four

Rivals The Nimble Things

The Bokor
The Infected
The Child of Light Cultists

First Appearance Chapter 8: Daydream Killers

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Hanabata Shinpei is one of the first uninfected people the Cell 4 gang run into. He is best friends with Kasahara Yuuji, and is father of Hanabata Riku, whom he calls Rikkun.

He is introduced to us at the end of Chapter 8.


Hanabata is a man of with a sturdy build and slightly above-average height. He has dark curly hair which he covers with a bandana.


Hanabata is an out-going man, and is very happy to see others who are not infected. He lets his emotions flow freely, whether they be happy, sad, angry, etc. He and Kasahara have a heavy accent common to people from the Kansai region of Japan. He seems a bit insane when it comes to Riku's condition, and is rather gullible when people praise Riku or claim that he can be cured.


When his son Riku was attacked and infected with the virus, Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku began driving around Japan in search of a doctor. But it soon became apparent to them that they would need weapons in order to continue on with their mission. So they (like Yamanoi) decide the best place to go would be Japanese Self-Defense Force garrison.

JSDF Weapon RetrievalEdit

10 Shinpei tries to stop Iwakura

Shinpei tries to stop Iwakura from unwrapping Riku

They met Maeda when he ran in front of their truck to flag them down. They picked up Maeda, Yamanoi and Yoshioka, and then drove into the shed Iwakura was trapped inside of and rescued him.

While Hanabata and the others gathered up the weapons they'd found, Iwakura stayed behind with the truck to rest his injured foot. While resting he hears a noise from the back of the truck. He investigates and finds a cage with a sheet over it. Pulling back the sheet he sees a small body, bound and gagged. When Hanabata tries to stop Iwakura from opening the cage, Iwakura punches him. He opens the cage, removes the body, and rips the bindings off of the child's face. We then learn that Riku, his son, is a zombie. Hanabata refuses to believe the truth, and instead believes that with medical attention, Riku will recover and become the boy he used to be.

With the hopes of finding a doctor and a safe place to hide from the infected, Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku drive the boys back to the Shouran Academy.

Death of the First BokorEdit

When Cell Four returned to the Shouran Academy with the JSDF weapons, Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku were allowed to stay as well. As the group ate Riku suddenly became violent. He slaughtered most of the inmates who suddenly surrounded and attacked Cell Four. The inmates were jealous of Cell Four's preferential treatment in exchange for bullets to the weapons, and wanted to finally settle the score with the hated Cell Four guys. As it turns out, Riku's massacre was triggered by 'listening' to the Bokor. Yamanoi gags the Bokor, which keeps him from communicating, and Riku is calmed and tied up again.

23 Hanabata falling from the roof

Hanabata is shoved off a roof by cultits

After the bodies were cleared away, a helicopter carrying the Child of Light cult landed at the Academy. The cultists liked Riku and praised Hanabata for having such a beautiful infected son. They told him that he and Riku would be welcome to join them, but Hanabata refused. As punishment, the cultists shoved him off of the roof of an Academy building, wanting him to be torn apart by zombies. Instead he was saved by Maeda, who instinctively caught Hanabata with his new-found ability to control the infected. Hanabata survived the fall, but Kasahara did not.

Afterwards, a mysterious woman named Dr. Sakagami calls the Academy asking for help saving the world from the virus. Once Cell Four agrees to take on her mission of bringing her someone newly infected with the F-Virus, the group takes to the road again in Kasahara's truck, with Shinpei at the wheel and Riku tied up in the back.

Journey to the Sea FireflyEdit

The gang continue onward to the Sea Firefly on foot due to traffic jams. They find a tunnel leading to the island, but run into another car pile up. They cannot turn around because they have been walking for hours without ventilation. The carbon monoxide building up in the tunnel would kill them before they could make it out again. Seeing an exit door, Shipei opens it and releases all of the infected trapped within. The guys run to a car just in time. Yoshioka, Iwakura, Shinpei and Riku are in the car, and Maeda and Yoshioka are in the trunk.

They waited and suffocated as they watched Yamanoi and Maeda get out of the trunk and climb over the infected. They have no idea what the pair are up to. Soon they could breathe again thanks to the ventilation being restored throughout the tunnel. Eventually they see Maeda return followed by Yamanoi who has completely changed into one of the infected. Iwakura could only stare helplessly as Yamanoi shoves Maeda back into the trunk, slams to door and flick on a lighter, igniting the flammable fumes circulating throughout the tunnel. Presumed dead from the explosion, the remaining 5 continue onward to find Sakagami Yukko's lab on the on the Sea Firefly.

The Sea FireflyEdit

35 Hanabata throws a grenade

Hanabata throws a grenade at zombies

When the guys arrive to the Sea Firefly, Dr. Sakagami Yukko is fighting with some dog-like zombies. She tosses a flash grenade at them but seeing as that didn't work Hanabata throws a real grenade at them, killing them.

Hanabata happily watches Yoshioka cut off Maeda's finger to prove that he's an F-virus carrier. The doctor is terrified by Hanabata tells her to keep watching as Maeda will be fine. His finger immediately grows back. Satisfied with the results, the doctor says she needs to give them all a shot of antibiotics as a precaution against any bacteria they might have encountered outside. They quickly collapse to the ground. She shot them with a large dose of insulin and that made them too weak to move. She then grabs Maeda and takes him into another room to begin her work on a cure. Hanabata is unable to do anything as Yukko struggles with Maeda, fights off Yoshioka (who ate candy to recover) and is knocked out by Hitotsukabuto, who appears unexpectedly.

Hitotsukabuto gathers everyone together and explains that Daisy has been bitten back at the Shouran Academy. He needs a cure for the M-virus before she becomes a zombie. He wants to kill her as a human instead of as a zombie. Knowing Maeda will die during the process of getting at his grey matter doesn’t matter to him. Yoshioka argues against it and when Shinpei tries to intervene Yoshioka tells him to mind his own business. So he leaves the room with Rikkun. The fight over whether to kill Maeda for a cure continues outside when Maeda proposes an alternative to using his brain. He shows them the female Bokor, who is standing on the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. But Iwakura points out a problem—she will use the infected as a shield, so capturing her will be nearly impossible.

Hitotsukabuto has heard enough. He attacks Maeda with a machete to kill him for the doctor to continue her work. But before he can hit Maeda Riku steps in a grabs the blade, snapping it in half.

Now that Maeda knows he can control Riku with his Bokor powers he decides to send him over to the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line to grab the female Bokor for them. Shinpei violently objects, stating what parent would send their child into such a terrible situation. Yoshioka reasons that if Riku goes over he has a chance at coming back, but if Maeda goes he'll most likely die. Hitotsukabuto steps in and says either Riku goes over or Maeda dies.

Iwakura steps in by asking the doctor if the cure will do anything for someone who is in an advanced stage of infection. Yukko states that the cure won’t reverse infection but it will prevent further progression and alleviate some of the symptoms.

38 Hanabata knees before his son

Shinpei talks to Riku

Saddened but understanding, Shinpei has a heartfelt talk with his son. He tells him that he is proud of him for as a child wanting to be a superhero and then wanting to be a police officer as he grew older. He told him that he would never leave him and if things got bad he would go over to get him. Then he lets Maeda take control over his son’s actions.

Maeda uses his voice to guide Riku to the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. Hanabata cheers his son on as he swims through the bay, climbs up a pier and dodges all the zombies the female Bokor is using to protect her. Once the action stops Riku has successfully subdued the female Bokor.

Current PlotEdit

38 Hanabata and Maeda yell to Riku

Shinpei watches as Maeda guides Riku

The infected child carries the Bokor over his shoulder and begins to walk towards his father and the others. But everyone looks on in horror as the crowd of the infected stand up and part down the middle, creating a catwalk. At the end opposite of Riku stands a tall muscular man. He has no body hair or genitals, but he has eyes with three pupils.