Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected No
Status Alive
Abilities Can see 2 seconds into the future
Affiliation Inmates

The Nakazaki Brothers

Rivals The Infected

Child of Light Cultists

First Appearance Chapter 5: Bitter Fix

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Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu (一ツ兜 清春 Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu) is head of Cell 6.  It is unknown why he has been sent to the Shouran Academy for delinquents, or for how long.


Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu is muscular, tall and bald. He walks permanently with crutches and has a scar across his nose as a result of a car crash.


Hitotsukabuto possess the traits of three Cell 4 members. He is rational and callous like Yamanoi. He is strong like Iwakura. And he is dangerous like Yoshioka. Hitotsukabuto was the obvious choice as the new director of 

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Hitotsukabuto protecting Maeda's hearing

the academy, after the unexplained death of the previous director. He gives orders to the remaining inmates, and has two thuggish brothers as his lieutenants. He does not seem as antagonistic as it would seem, as seen when he gave up protecting his own hearing in favor of protecting Maeda's when the Bokor escaped the facility, which give Maeda a chance to shoot it, temporarily sending it to a state of clinical death.

In terms of the Myers Briggs Type indicator, Hitotsukabuto is highly likely to be have either an INTJ or ENTJ type personally. His leadership of Shouran Acemedy following the outbreak of zombies is in many ways similar to that of an ENTJ. However, his ability to predict the future with near clairvoyant precision is far more characteristic of an INTJ’s intuition.


He can see two seconds into the future, which stems from brain trauma sustained as a child. He and his parents were driving when a car, driven by a young man talking on his cell phone, crashed into them. Hitotsukabuto was the sole survivor, but nearly lost the ability to walk as a result.

The accused young man received a "not guilty" verdict because not only was he a minor, but Hitotsukabuto's testimony wasn't considered to be a creditable due to his young age. As a result, Hitotsukabuto harbored nothing but rage towards the man that killed his parents and crippled him for life.

Hitotsukabuto trained for years in order to regain his ability to walk again, with the aid of crutches. He also used weight training as a way to deal with his anger towards the killer.

During his physical therapy, he evaded a soccer ball coming towards him from behind. After other similar experiences, he soon realized that his head injury had the after effect of allowing him to see two seconds into the future. That in mind, he tracked down the man who killed his parents... and committed violent acts against him, the nature of which is as yet unknown.

Current PlotEdit

When Cell Four and the Hanabatas left the Shouran Academy to go to the Sea Firefly, Hitotsukabuto appeared to have stayed behind to care for the inmates and Daisy. However, as Cell Four fight with Dr. Sakagami Yukko, Hitotsukabuto arrives at her lab and subdues her.


Yoshioka Masafumi
He is in the midst of a one-sided rivalry with Yoshioka. The latter repeatedly tries to kill Hitotsukabuto, however he is unable to do so because of Hitotsukabuto's ability to see two seconds into the future, and now it is a sort of game between the two. It should be noted that Yoshioka does not (currently, although the past may have been a different story) outright hate Hitotsukabuto.

Daisy Niinuma
After her regression to her childhood state, Daisy considers him her 'daddy'. Hitotsukabuto also seems not to mind this, seeing how he brushed off the convicts who wanted to rape her saying, "Don't make my daughter cry again." However, he has also explicitly stated that the day Daisy regains her memories and sanity, he will make sure to kill her in revenge for all the deaths her group, the Child of Light Cultists, caused.

The Nakazaki Brothers
Hitotsukabuto uses Hitoshi and Kyouichi Nakazaki as his underlings. They keep the inmates in line for him and run his errands.