Infant Bokor

39 The Bokor fetus

Vital Statistics
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Abilities Control over the infected
Affiliation Female Bokor

6th Bokor

Rivals Humanity
First Appearance Chapter 39: New Born

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The Infant Bokor is the result of the female and 6th Bokor merging into one creature.


40 Baby Maeda Bokor

The infant Bokor transforms into Maeda

Once the female and large male Bokors merge, they become a zygote. Then the zygote matures into creature that resembles a fetus. This fetus quickly grows tendrils and inserts them into the ears of the infected surrounding it. As it starts to grow up it creates a large body out of the infected and forms the face of a baby.

Then the infant undergoes another transformation. It picks up Maeda puts him into its mouth, sucking on him like a child would do with candy. This triggers a new transformation. It becomes a giant replica of Maeda. It has the Bokor trademarks of triple pupil eyes and no external genitalia. But, like the 1st Bokor who infected Maeda, it has hair on its head but no place else.


Being a mere child it has the basic personality of a child, such as putting what it picked up from the ground into its mouth. It is drawn to Maeda, much like the 1st Bokor, and attacks anything that gets in its way.


Like all other Bokors, the infant Bokor can control the infected. It demonstrates this by inserting tendrils into their ears and drawing them close to it, forming a large body for itself. It also has the ability to change its form by putting a person in its mouth. It is unknown if this ability only works with others Bokors.


In order to make a cure for the zombie-producing M-Virus, an F-Virus carrier is needed. Cell Four, Shinpei, Dr. Sakagami Yukko and Hitotsukabuto decide to capture the female Bokor as she carries an active form of the F-virus. The team watch from the The Sea Firefly as Maeda sends Riku to capture her on the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. He succeeds, but before he can make it back to the others a large male Bokor emerges. He evades Riku and obtains the female Bokor. Riku runs away as the two Bokor embrace each other as if they are about to kiss. But they shockingly begin to violently bite at each other’s faces. Their bodies quickly begin to merge until they become a zygote. Then they undergo rapid cell division until they become a mutated fetus.

Right after being ‘born’ the creature takes control of the infected around it, using them to form a giant body for itself. Once it spots Maeda and his friends it immediately starts to move towards them.

The mutant infant catches Maeda and sucks on him like a child would do with a piece of candy. Iwakura rams it with a forklift, which causes it to drop Maeda. As the pair escapes, Yoshioka sends a truck full of explosives off the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line. It directly hits the Bokor. The guys try to relax since the infant is seemingly burned to death. However, this is not the case. Not only does infant emerge from the fire unharmed, it has transformed into a giant version of Maeda.

Current PlotEdit

Once the infant Bokor has transformed into its Maeda form it reaches out for Maeda. Maeda runs away from it but trips and falls down. As he falls he goes into a dream-like state. Here he converses with the female and 6th Bokors in their human forms. They persuade Maeda into merging with them, but before he does Iwakura grabs him, which brings Maeda back to his senses. As they hide from the Bokor its body begins to deteriorate.

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