A collection of Shouran Academy inmates

The bulk of the residents at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center are the teenage inmates. This all-male facility houses 124 young men in all.

Their crimes are varied, and although few actual crimes are explained, there is some speculation as to their natures. Possible crimes include acts of violence, gang/mob related activity, and child molestation.The detainees live a strictly regimented life within the Academy. The routine is as follows: wake-up, room cleaning, showering, mediation, breakfast. Roll-call assembly, exercise, vocational training, more schoolwork or another lecture. Roll-call, meditation, lunch, free time, more schoolwork.

The boys are grouped into sets or "Cells" of 3 or 4. Our main characters belong to Cell Four.


The inmates wear sneakers, jumpsuits, t-shirts and gym shorts, and a basic uniform of slacks and a button up shirt.


As with any large group of people, various personalities exist. Mild, violent, calm and calculating, or even lecherous are among this collection of young men. The inmates have varied relationships with each other as well. However, the most despised cell in the Academy is Cell 4, the manga's protagonists.


A major location of the story's events, the Shouran Academy Detention Center and its inmates have experienced much pain and suffering. Once the infection spread within the Academy, inmates had to slaughter their fellow inmates, including friends, to prevent the virus from killing everyone.

Then the inmates took a stand against Cell 4 when they returned with weapons and were given special treatment for doing so. More inmate casualties occurred as Rikkun went berserk under the influence of the 1st Bokor, who Yamanoi brought back to the Academy for study.

Then the Bokor was accidently set free by the Nakazaki brothers. 'He' nearly laid waste an entire building with his tower of the infected. More infected were killed, and more causalities had.

Lastly, when the Child of Light cultists arrived at the academy, they mercilessly executed inmates who refused to join their cult by shooting them or tossing them into a hoard of the infected. Once Cell 4 and Kasahara took a stand, they managed to kill several cultists before they were captured. While Kasahara and Hanabata were pushed to their deaths, Yoshioka, Iwakura and Yamanoi chose to jump to their deaths instead. Maeda intervened however, and saved most of his friends while killing off all but four remaining cultists. Daisy Niinuma survived. The helicopter pilot was killed by Corporal Hat. Hitotsukabuto killed Corporal Hat. And the remaining cultist was beaten to death by the inmates.

Current PlotEdit

All other inmates, other than Cell 4, remain at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center while our main characters head for the Sea Firefly.