Kasahara's Fireworks Truck

Kasahara's Van Profile 245px

Vital Statistics
Status Abandoned
Abilities Transportation


Affiliation Kasahara Yuuji

Hanabata Shinpei
Hanabata Riku Cell Four

Rivals The Bokor

The Infected

First Appearance Chapter 8: Daydream Killers
Last Seen Chapter 31

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One major item throughout the story is Kasahara Yuuji's fireworks truck. It is also referred to as a van. It's first appearance is Chapter 8: Daydream Killers.


The van is a large two-door hatch back. It is covered with metal plating on two sides and the roof. A metal sheet covers the passenger side of the windshield. It is large enough to carry Cell Four, Kasahara, Shinpei, Riku's cage and a large amount of weapons and supplies.


The van was originally Kasahara’s. It belonged to his family’s fireworks business. In order to travel in the zombie infested streets, he and Hanabata Shinpei, his best friend, reinforced it for protection against the infected. Then they set out across Japan to find a doctor. Shinpei’s son Riku was infected and Shinpei thinks that a doctor might be able to cure him, even though it is obvious that the child can never recover from the damage the M-virus has done to him.


09 Shinpei throwing napalm

Shinpei throwing napalm

When Cell Four splits up searches for weapons at the Japanese Self-Defense Force base they all encounter a group of dog-like creatures. Though Maeda manages to regroup with Yoshioka and Yamanoi, Iwakura is trapped in a shed. While Maeda and Yoshioka are arguing Yamanoi sees a truck out the window. Suddenly a projectile shoots out of it. There is a large flash of light as it hits a bunch of the dog-like zombies. But that was just a flash grenade and the dog zombies get up again. So another projectile shoots out of the truck and this time sets fire to the nimbles. But the fire spreads to the shed Iwakura is in. During the chaos Maeda runs in front of the truck and forces it to stop. Inside are Kasahara Yuuji, Hanabata Shinpei and his son Riku. They agree to take in Maeda, Yamanoi and Yoshioka and to rescue Iwakura.

Once Iwakura is in the truck they obtain weapons. But before they leave they see a horde of dog-zombies running towards them but not at them. Then they see a naked man on top of a pillar of zombies. They drive away from him, but he uses the zombies to grab the truck and lift it off of the ground. Iwakura, Yamaoni and Maeda try but fail to kill the naked man, but Yoshioka remembers that the van has 4-wheel drive and manages to rev up the truck fast enough to break free from the zombies holding them in the air. Yamanoi finds a way to subdue the Bokor and they return to the Shouran Academy with him.

31 Shinpei reminisces about building the van

Shinpei remembers he and Kasahara reinforcing the truck

When Cell 4 are asked by Dr. Sakagami Yukko to bring an F-virus carrier to her on the Sea Firefly they agree to go. Shinpei and Riku go with them as well. Kasahara was murdered prior to the phone call. While travelling Japan to get to her they stop at a diner. It is then decided that they can no longer take the truck because the roads are too blocked off with deserted cars. This saddens Shinpei. He tells them that he and Kasahara reinforced the van together.

The van was last seen in Chapter 31.