Kasahara Yuuji

Kashara profile2

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected No
Status Dead
Abilities Knowledgeable of explosives
Affiliation Hanabata Shinpei

Hanabata Riku
Cell Four

Rivals The Infected

The Nimble Things
Child of Light Cultists

First Appearance Chapter 8: Daydream Killers

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Kasahara Yuuji is one of the first uninfected people the Cell 4 gang run into. He is best friends with Hanabata Shinpei, who he's known since childhood.

He is introduced to us at the end of Chapter 8.


Kasahara Yuuji is a slim, short adult male. He has short black hair and wears glasses.


Kasahara is easy going and more reserved than his friend Hanabata. He and Hanabata have a heavy accent common to people from the Kansai region of Japan.


When Riku, his best freinds' son, was attacked and infected with the virus, Kasahara, Hanabata and Riku began driving around Japan in search of a doctor. But it soon became apparent to them that they would need weapons in order to continue on with their mission. So they (like Yamanoi) decided that the best place to search would be the Japanese Self-Defense Force garrison.

While driving, the trio met Maeda when he ran in front of their truck to flag them down. They picked up Maeda, Yamanoi and Yoshioka, and then drove into the shed Iwakura was trapped inside of, and rescued him.

While Kasahara, Hanabata and the Cell Four gang were loading the weapons that they had found at the JSDF, Iwakura was resting his injured foot in Hanabata's truck. He hears a noise from the back of the truck and found a cage with a sheet over it. Iwakura pulled back the sheet and saw a small body, bound and gaged. When Hanabata tried to stop Iwakura from openning the cage, Iwakura punches him. He opened the cage, removed the body, and ripped the bindings off of the child's face. We then learn that Riku, his son, was a zombie. Kasahara cried as his best friend continued to believe the delusion that Riku could be cured of the virus.

With the hope of finding a doctor and a safe place to hide from the infected, Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku drive the boys back to the Shouran Academy.

Current PlotEdit

When Cell Four returned to the Shouran Academy with the JSDF weapons, Kasahara, Hanabata, and Riku were allowed to stay as well. As the group was eating, Riku studdenly became violent. He slaughtered lots of the inmates who were threatening Cell Four. They were jealous of Cell Four's preferential treatment in exchange for bullets to the weapons. As it turns out, Riku was 'listening' to the Bokor. Once Yamanoi prevents the Bokor from communicating anymore, Riku is calmed and tied up again.

After the bodies were cleared away, a helicopter carrying the Child of Light cult landed at the Academy. As the cultists talked to the inmates about their mission to spread the word of the Child of Light's new world, Kasahara, Cell Four and Hitotsukabuto slipped away. They hid the Bokor's dead body, laid a trap for some of cultists, and tried to kill them. They initially failed, but Kasahara's plan to covertly infect one of the cultists' worked, giving them a chance to kill off more cultists.

The boys, Hanabata and Kasahara are eventually re-captured and taken to the roof of an Academy building. The cultists demand to know where the

guys have hidden the video recording of the Bokor they made. When the guys refuse to talk the cultists kick Kasahara off of the roof, and into an ocean of zombies. Even though Maeda reached the roof in time to catch Cell Four and Hanabata with his "zombie flowers", he was not fast enough to save Kasahara.

Kasahara Yuuji is officially declared deceased in Chapter 26.