Where to ReadEdit

Free SitesEdit

There are many places to read Apocalypse no Toride, most of which are free. The simplest way to find one is to do a Google Search for “Apocalypse no Toride”.


This paid site lets you read Apocalypse no Toride with the added bonus of the simulcast- the ability to read new chapters the same day they are released in Japan.

Fan SitesEdit


This is the wiki's Facebook page. It has images, conversation, and site news.

This is a very lively fan created Facebook page. Check here for images and discussion.

This tumbler site is a blog about all things Apocalypse no Toride. There is artwork, discussions, and general appreciation of the series there.

This Facebook page features discussions and images about the manga in Vietnamese.


This art site showcases fan created artwork.


This site categorizes common plot devices, or 'tropes' used in storytelling. This link is dedicated to many of the tropes associated with Apocalypse no Toride.

Vendetta Scans deserve a mention as well. This is the scanlation team responsible for many English readers exposure to the series. This is their logo, which you will find on much of the non fan-created images circulating the internet. Vendetta Scans' scanlations of Chapters 1-20 of the manga was used on most of the free sites you will find. They worked hard to present the first 20 chapters of this great manga to the English-speaking world and deserve credit for it. Visit their site at Vendetta Scans: Apocalypse no Toride.Although they have since retired from working on this manga, you can still donate to them to help keep their other projects going.

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