Ms. Yamanoi

Ms y anticipation

Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Infected No
Status Alive
Affiliation Yamanoi Mitsuru
First Appearance Chapter 14: Roll Over Wagner
Last Seen Chapter 34: Tender Than Bombs

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Ms. Yamanoi is Yamanoi Mitsuru's mentally unstable and abusive mother. She is the one who instilled in him the desire for perfection and the intolerance for those deemed inferior.


A narrow woman in about her late 30's. She has dark hair which she wears in a bun.


Angry ms yamanoi

Ms. Yamanoi's reaction to bill collectors

Ms. Yamanoi's personality flucuates from happy to sad to enraged. It is a very strong possibility that she has one or more mental disorders.


Ms. Yamanoi used to be an actress, but has "retired." There is no explanation as to what her source of income is. She and her son Mitsuru live in an apartment full of trash bags, possibly due to an inability to pay for trash collection.

Current PlotEdit

When confronted with the news of her son killing a Child Protective Services worker, she accompanies Mitsuru and the police officers outside. As her son gets into the police car, reporters swarm around her for her opinion on the crime. She is delusional and assumes they are interviewing her about her return to acting. Her current whereabouts are unknown.