The Bokor

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Vital Statistics
First Appearance Chapter 3: Highway XXX Revisited
Death Chapter 16: The Adventures of Rain Dance with Bokor

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The Bokor is an antagonist of the series. He is first seen as a 'the naked man at the top of the mountain of bodies." Maeda and Yamanoi dub him "Bokor". A Bokor is a vodou priest, priestess, or sorcerer who creates "zombies" through the use of potions. Once zombified, the bokor has the ability to command the zombies to do its bidding.

We are introduced to the Bokor at the end of Chapter 3.


The Bokor is a humanoid creature and is always naked. Although the Bokor has the appearance of a man, even though he has no external genitalia to confirm or deny its' gender. 'He' has a navel, meaning he is a mammal. However, he has compound eyes with three pupils, a trait of insects and crustaceans, but not mammals. The Bokor does not have any excretory orifices, so it is unknown how he eliminates waste. And although he has a mouth, it is unknown how or what he eats.

Lastly, the Bokor has surgical marks on his body, similar to that of an appendectomy. This means that, since the Bokor can heal wounds now, he was once a normal person and became the Bokor after the operation. Otherwise he would have healed this old wound by now.



Little is known about the Bokor initially. The Cell 4 members first run into him while leaving Maeda's house. As the they try to drive deeper into the city they see a huge mountain of bodies. As the mountain approaches they realize that there is a naked man sitting on top of it. Maeda calls him "the final boss", rationalizing that this man must be the cause of the zombie plague, as he is quite literally sitting on a throne of bodies. He takes aim and shoots the Bokor, who falls off of the mountain. Once he is on the ground the mountain of zombies collapses.

The Bokor, Yamanoi deduces, can control the infected with high-pitch sounds too high for living humans' ears. He can also emit supersonic blasts that are destructive which can cause ear and nose bleeds as well as shatter glass and create cracks in walls. The Bokor heals unnaturally fast and is able to regenerate quickly.

Current PlotEdit

The Bokor has succeeded in infecting Maeda, which is confirmed by Maeda's regenerating ability after a helicopter crash. His friends in cell 4 are currently searching for a cure.