The Cultists

18 the Cultists arrive at Shouran

Daisy Niinuma and two Child of Light cultists

Vital Statistics
Gender Male and Female
Abilities Combat training
Affiliation The Bokor

The Infected

Rivals Cell Four

Hanabata Shinpei
Kasahara Yuuji
Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu

First Appearance Chapter 18: Yoshiaki, Can You Hear Me?

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The Child of Light Cultists are a group of individuals, mostly soldiers, who follow the Bokor around. They have named him the Child of Light, and view him as the second coming of God. They believe that even though humans and infected humans cannot live together, they can co-exist on Earth together, under the watchful eye of the Bokor. There are roughly 9 members.

The Child of Light Cult makes its first appearnce at the end of Chapter 18.


All of the group wears military fatigues, even the three founding members who did not come from military backgrounds.


The cultists are very driven in their goal to spread the message of the Child of Light. They do not tolerate anyone mocking their faith, killing the infected, or harming the Bokor. Their intolerance often leads to fatal violence.


1st cult

Daisy, Top, and nameless cultist

The Child of Light cult was created by Corporal Top, Daisy and an unnamed man. The trio were stranded on a yatch when the infection broke out. The boat finally drifted close enough to land for the three of them to swim toa shore. But once they set foot on the beach they were surrounded by zombies. Daisy and the man were afraid, but Top believed that this infection was part of God's plan and as such was nothing to be afraid of. So they walked forward and to their surprise they were not attacked. The zombies ignored them and walked towards a large mountain of bodies instead. And even more surprising, at the top of the mountain sat a naked man. It was obvious that he was controling the infected people around them, and this display caused the trio to believe that he was an agent of God.

So they decided to spread their new message. That message was that the infection was a gift from God, and the infected are angels.

They set about preaching to anyone they could find and eventually ended up Yokosuka Naval Base, where United Nations soldiers were stationed. Once they got there they found a bunch of confused and hopeless soldiers. They managed to recruit some of them.

Notable CultistsEdit

20 Percy goes to find Cell 4

Percy is sent to look for Cell Four.


Percy is one of the cultists Daisy dispatches to search for the boys with a videotape of the Bokor-- Cell 4 of course. He is one of the first victims of the M-virus once the battle between the inmames and the cultists breaks out.

Helicopter PilotEdit

The pilot of the helicopter that brought the Child of Light Cultists to the Academy. He flies down and retrieves Coropal Hat and Maeda, whom he has kidnapped. Once inside, the pilot asks Hat if they will finally have the chance at immortality thanks to Maeda's blood. But Hat shoots him dead, stating that there is only a need for one immortal in the world.

Current PlotEdit