The Nakazaki Brothers

Nakazaki bros profile

Hitoshi (left) and Kyouichi (right)

Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Infected No
Status Alive
Affiliation Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu
Rivals Cell Four
First Appearance Chapter 5: Bitter Fix

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Hitoshi and Kyouichi Nakazaki are two brothers from Cell 7. They serve as Hitotsukabuto's enforcers, doing his dirty work when he has more important things to do.

They are introduced to us at the beginning of Chapter 5.


They are nearly identical with the exception of their tattoos. They both have a spider web on the center of their necks. Hitoshi's spider is on the right side of his neck, while Kyouichi's spider is on the left side of his neck. They also have different kanji symbols at the center of their spiderwebs tattoos. They are bald, tall and have slightly muscular builds.


The Nakazaki brothers are tough and violent. They seem to enjoy threatening Iwakura. They are also very loyal to Hitotsukabuto.


Hitoshi and Kyouichi Nakazaki are serving an unknown amount of time at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Deliquency Center. It is not known what they did to get there.

They are introduced at the beginning of Chapter 5. They alert the newly "appointed" Hitotsukabuto that Cell 4 have returned to the academy. When asked what should be done about them, the brothers
reason that if they let them back in then they can get the car back along with information about the world outside of the academy.

They escort the boys back to the principle's office, where Hitotsukabuto is to tell them their fate. A fight breaks out between Yoshioka and Hitotsukabuto, and before Iwakura can step in the brothers have him at knife-point. He fights back but they turn the tables on him by zapping him with a shock stick.

Once the fighting dies down, Hitotsukabuto tells Cell 4 to go to the JSDF for weapons in order to earn a place in the academy. As Iwakura leaves he tells the brothers that he will bring two bullets back with him-- one for each of them.

When Cell 4 return with the weapons, Iwakura finds the Nakazaki's and holds them at gunpoint. He shoots at Hitoshi, who falls down. Then he shoots at Kyouichi, who looks down at himself after the gun blast. Iwakura shot them with blank bullets, Hitoshi just passed out. Kyouichi promises to pay Iwakura back for this, and Iwakura warns him that he won't be using blanks next time.

After Yamanoi and Maeda finish examining the Bokor, they leave him locked up in a solitary cell.  Kyouichi knows that Cell 4 brought back a body and locked it up. Thinking that the only reason for the secrecy is because they smuggled in a woman, the brothers break into the cell. They see a body wrapped up, gagged and stabbed with a ballpoint pen.  So they unwrap it and remove the pen. They realize it's a man, but before they can confront Cell 4 about it they notice a huge tower of zombies bombarding the building. They have just allowed the Bokor to communicate with the infected again, and he is attacking the school because of their actions.

After clearing the academy of zombies, the brothers run into Maeda in the courtyard. They see his hand bleeding, and realize that he has been bitten. As they attack him they try to reason with him. Wouldn't you prefer to die as a human? Maeda runs from them, and they chase, but lose him.

Later, Kyuoichi goes to Cell 4's room to ask about Maeda's whereabouts. When Yoshioka cannot shoo him away, Iwakura tells Yoshioka to step aside to let him deal with the Nakazaki. The Kyuoichi goes to the door and has a bazooka shoved in his face. He is then told to keep quiet about anything going on in the room.

Suddenly there is the sound of a helicopter outside. The brothers run to find Hitotsukabuto. When they do he tells them to stand at the ready to attack whoever is inside if they act suspicious. They obey.

Current PlotEdit

The Nakazaki brothers have not been seen since Chapter 19.

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