The Nimble Things


Vital Statistics
Infected Yes
Status Alive
Abilities Speed


Affiliation The Infected
Rivals The Bokor

Cell Four

First Appearance Chapter 7: Holidays in the Dark

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Encountered at the Japan Self Defense Forces garrison while looking for weapons, these infected people have devolved into dog-like creatures. They are smart, fast and vicious.


The nimble things are balding humans who have bent forward to the point of using their hands as a second pair of feet. They have devolved in order to walk this way- their torso's and legs appear to have gotten shorter. The skin on their faces has pulled back, giving them all a gruesome smile.


Although the nimble things have devolved into dog-like creatures, they have evolved into more efficient killing machines. They are agile, fast, and somewhat intelligent. Their intelligence can be seen by their teamwork, something the normal infected humans only do under the influence of the Bokor. The nimbles work together to encircle and herd Maeda and Iwakura into a shed they have been storing people to eat. These infected people are also cannibalistic, and will eat their own kind when given the opportunity.

The nimble things dislike the Bokor, whom they attack and run away from upon seeing him.


The nimble things make their first appearance at the end of chapter 7. As Maeda and Iwakura search the JSDF garrison for weapons they hear a noise from behind a closet door. Thinking it to be an infected person, they prepare to open the door and kill it. But once they open the door they are surprised to find an uninfected JSDF worker inside. As the trio talk about their fears of being the last people uninfected, the JSDF worker asks them how the managed to escape "the nimble things". He describes them as being dog-like, and as Maeda asks Iwakura if he's seen anything of the sort, a 'nimble thing' jumps through a window, then grabs and snaps the JSDF workers neck with its teeth. Maeda and Iwakura are temporarily stunned by the sight until they notice more nimbles outside. So the duo jump out of a different window and run for their lives.

Iwakura, armed with a shotgun, shoots several nimble things, and the nimbles closest to the dead bodies begin to eat them. Maeda and Iwakura continue to run. They find a shed and run into it to hide. But as they look around the shed they realize there are dead bodies inside. They reason that this is where the nimbles must store their food.

Later, after Maeda and Iwakura are rescued, they realize that the nimbles are no longer interested in them. They are running away from something. Soon a massive mountain of bodies appears behind them. It is the Bokor. The nimbles are clearly terrified by his appearance. One brave nimble climbs the mountain of bodies and runs straight for the Bokor. As it comes close to attack the Bokor, it is ripped to pieces by the infected people around the Bokor.

Current PlotEdit

The nimble things make an appearance in chapter 35 when they attack Dr. Yukko Sakagami

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