Yamanoi Mitsuru


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Infected Yes
Status Dead
Abilities Extremely intelligent
Affiliation Cell Four

Hanabata Shinpei
Kasahara Yuuji

Rivals Inmates

The Infected
Child of Light Cultists

First Appearance Chapter 1: Soon Crazy
Death Chapter 34: Tender Than Bombs

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Yamanoi Mitsuru (山野井 満 Mitsuru Yamanoi ) is a main character and protagonist in Apocalypse no Toride. He is 17 years old and serving 2 years + 6 months for murder at the Shouran Academy Juvenile Detention Center. He was also know as "Noiman" and "Neumann".


Yamanoi Mitsuru has an average build. He has light colored hair and wore glasses. True to his nature, he almost always has a sneer on his face.


Noiman is an arrogant, aloof, and highly intelligent young man. He regularly insults others for not being as smart as he is, and he has very little patience or empathy for others. Noiman has no problem with sacrificing others for the sake of solving a problem. He is the one who realizes that people become infected through bites and scratches from the infected. This theory, and a display of his lack of compassion for others, can be seen early in the series, when the inmates first encounter the infected. He shoots an infected teacher to death, and then kills an inmate who has just been bitten but has not "turned" yet.

Yamanoi is the one who deduces how the Bokor is controlling the infected. He also persuades the others to bring the Bokor back to the delinquency reformatory for further study (an autopsy).

In terms of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Noiman is highly likely to be have an INTP type personality.


Yamanoi is highly intelligent. He discovers how the infection is spread, how to successfully kill the infected, and how the Bokor is controlling the infected through scientific experiments and observations.

Reason for ArrestEdit

Neumann was arrested for the murder of a child protection services officer, who had come to rescue him from his abusive mother. Although Neumann showed that he wanted to be saved, he still did not want his mother to suffer, which led to him strangling the officer and disposing of the body by cutting it up into tiny pieces. A part of a finger, however, was found, which resulted in a police investigation and Neumann being caught.


33 Yamanoi studies at home

Young Yamanoi at home

Yamanoi grew up with his perfectionist mother, who beat him when he failed to do things flawlessly. It is insinuated that his family has cheated people out of money, and they are shown to be behind in their bills. His home is full of trash, but his mother still clings to the idea of his family being noble and undeserving of its current state. She says that they are a family of talented musicians, and Yamanoi has an extreme appreciation of the classical composer Wagner.

The Beginning of the OutbreakEdit

02 Yamanoi kills a newly infected Inmate

Yamanoi kills a newly infected inmate

When the zombie apocalypse begins for Yamanoi Mitsuru, he is an inmate at the Shouran Academy and a member of Cell Four. Observing the situation he quickly realizes that the cannibalism is being spread through bites and scratches. When an inmate is attacked by an infected instructor Yamanoi, with a stolen gun, shoots the teen down without hesitation. When they get a temporary break from the violence he expresses his happiness to bear witness to the end of our world and the creation of a new one.
04 Yamanoi gets grabbed by a zombie

Yamanoi is grabbed by a zombie

Running and fighting leads Cell Four to the PA room where he broadcasts a message to the inmates and guards. Yamanoi explains that the violent people running around the Academy are no longer human. He tells them that the zombies are strong but slow, and the best way to kill them is by destroying their brains. Frightened for his family, Maeda says he wants to see them, so Cell Four steal the one vehicle on campus and drive to his house.

After going to Maeda’s apartment and seeing that his entire family have become zombies, the guys try to decide where to go next. Suddenly a naked man sitting on top a mountain of zombies appears, and chases their van around. During the violence a zombie jumps on top of the roof of the van and rips a hole in it. It reaches inside and grabs Yamanoi by the shoulder. Yoshioka purposely rolls the van over to shake off the zombies. Once they drive beyond the reach of the infected the gang has no where else to go but back to the Academy.

JSDF Weapons Retrieval MissionEdit

When Cell Four return to the Academy they are taken to the director's office where Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu, Shouran's most feared inmate is. He now rules the Academy and decides to throw the guys out because they abandoned it with the only vehicle. Yamanoi proposes that if they can bring guns to the Academy from the Japanese Self Defense Forces garrison then they should be allowed to stay. Hitotsukabuto agrees, but makes them travel on foot.

When asked why the zombies they encounter in the country are slower Yamanoi guesses it is because the naked man isn't around. He theorizes that the naked man is controlling the infected in a manner only they can be affected by, perhaps a pheromone. They acquire vehicles and take a side trip to Yoshioka's house before reaching the JSDF garrison.

10 Yamanoi rubbing his shoulders at the JSDF

Yamanoi rubs his shoulders at the JSDF

Once they reach the JSDF Yamanoi and Yoshioka pair up to look for weapons. They wind up trapped inside an office building. Waiting around on the first floor they hear a noise and are shocked to see Maeda running away from dog-like infected people. Yoshioka grabs Maeda by the shirt and drags him inside through the window. He explains that Iwakura is trapped inside a shed, but neither Yamanoi or Yoshioka want to help rescue him. Then there is a bright flash, and then another one, with fire. Hanabata Shinpei and Kasahara Yuuji have set the dog-like zombies on fire. The fire sets Iwakura's shed on fire but Cell Four and their two new friends rescue him in time.

They find weapons and as they load them into the van Yamanoi repeatedly rubs his right shoulder. Maeda notices this, but Yamanoi brushes his concern aside. Suddenly Iwakura, who's standing guard, begins to shoot. A hoard of the infected rush towards and then past them. The group turns around to see the naked man has returned.

11 Yamanoi takes down the Bokor

Yamanoi deflates the Bokor's lungs

They climb into the van and speed away. But the man catches up with them and uses the infected to generate arms. He lifts the van off the ground and walks across his zombies into the van. He unleashes a loud sonic attack knocking Iwakura, Maeda and Yamanoi to the floor. The naked man then strides over to Maeda and bites his own tongue off! He grabs Maeda by the head and brings his and mouth close to his. Suddenly he is jerked backward by the hair and tossed out of the van by Iwakura. But he comes back and assaults them with his voice again. He tries it one more time, but Yamanoi has an idea. He grabs a pen and stabs the man in his lungs. Unscrewing the end, the man painfully deflates and collapses.

11 Yamanoi wants to bring the Bokor

Yamanoi will bring the naked man to the Academy

Maeda and Iwakura prepare to shoot him but Yamanoi stops them, stating that they will be bringing the naked man back with them for research. Iwakura is strongly opposed to this, and they draw guns on each other to defend their opposing viewpoints. The idea is put to a vote and Iwakura loses. They bring Hanabata, Kasahara, Shinpei's son Riku and the naked man back with them.

The Death of the First BokorEdit

Upon returning to the Academy, Yamanoi, Yoshioka and Maeda report to Hitotsukabuto with the weapons, but no bullets. When asked, they respond that withholding the bullets is payback for sending them out on foot. He respects their boldness, and tries to bribe the bullets out of them instead, in the form of food and clothing.

12 Yamanoi blinds and Inmate

Yamanoi blinds an inmate with chopsticks

While eating they are jumped by a group of jealous inmates. During the fight Riku goes berserk and attacks anyone nearby- even Yoshioka and Maeda. Yamanoi slips away to follow a hunch. He goes to check on the naked man and finds that he has chewed through his gag. Once Yamanoi gags him Riku becomes docile again. The guys ask Yamanoi why Riku was the only zombie affected]] by the naked man's commands. Yamanoi speculates that because the ballpoint pen is still lodged in his lungs he cannot take in enough air to generate a command loud enough to affect the zombies surrounding the Academy.

14 the Bokor is a different species

Maeda and Yamanoi look at the Bokor

Yamanoi then begins his physical examination on the naked man, who they have now named the "Bokor." With Maeda filming it, he stabs and slashes down the Bokor's abdomen to test 'his' healing capabilities. Impressed by his rapid recovery he conducts a visual exam. He notices the Bokor lacks genitalia and excretory orifices. He observes the insect-like triple pupils. But he does have a scar reminiscent of an appendectomy. So the Bokor used to be a regular human being before... this. Then he shows his findings to the rest of the inmates.

During his presentation the Nakazaki brothers find the Bokor, expose his mouth and remove the pen from his lungs, causing him to summon a zombie tower and destroy a portion of the Academy. As the infected overtake the Academy Yamanoi runs straight for the room the Bokor was restrained him, but he is long gone before he gets there. Suddenly, Yamanoi is trapped inside the room by the infected, but Iwakura and the others save him. As they discuss what to do next the Bokor returns and attacks them with his sonic blast, but Hitotsukabuto protected Maeda's ears before he was stunned. Maeda shoots the Bokor until he's decapitated.

The guys turn away from his body to deal with the zombies roaming around the Academy. But the Bokor is not dead. He attempts to regenerate his head, and rushes away to completely reform himself. Yamanoi urges them to catch and kill him before he regains his ability to summon the infected again. Iwakura and Yoshioka manage to grab his legs and drag him to Maeda, who decapitates him. Maeda picks up the Bokor's head but it twists in his hands and bites his right thumb off! Yamanoi and Yoshioka understand that Maeda's been infected and realize what must be done. The trio try to grab Maeda, who runs away from them. He eventually makes his way back to their room, but the guys are waiting for him. Yoshioka subdues him, and Iwakura, apologetically, chops off the infected limb.

While Yamanoi sews up Maeda's arm, Iwakura asks why the Bokor seems to be so fixated on Maeda and avoiding all others. Yamanoi thinks it's because the Bokor is only concerned with passing on his virus, and Maeda is somehow the only person around genetically compatible of receiving it.

The Child of Light CultistsEdit

As Maeda recovers from his surgery, a helicopter carrying soldiers lands at the Academy. They claim to want to rescue the inmates, but their real goal is to get any information they can about the Bokor. Skeptical from the start, Cell Four, Hitotsukabuto, and Kasahara devise a plan to ambush the soldiers. They fight, and manage to makes some of the soldiers fight each other through purposefully infecting them. But the guys eventually are rounded up and brought to the roof for further interrogatrion.

23 Yamanoi jumps into the arms of the Infected

Yamanoi opts to jump into the zombie herd

The soldiers eventually reveal that they are in fact a cult that worships the Bokor.They learned of the video that was taken of the Bokor and want it, along with the whereabouts of the Bokor. The guys refuse to produce the video, but tell them where to find the beheaded Bokor's body. Yamanoi stalls for time but is unsuccessful. The cultists push Hanabata and Kasahara off of the roof for their lack of cooperation. Yamanoi, Yoshioka and Iwakura opt to jump to their deaths instead of being executed by the cultists.

Maeda, who has regained consciousness, sees his friends falling off of the roof and uses his newly acquired ability to control of the infected to save them. While they look around at the inmates torturing the remaining cultists, Maeda drops from the sky, breaking many bones of his body. But he recovers, and is confirmed as a Bokor.

Journey to the Sea FireflyEdit

The guys are in their room asking Maeda how he feels now that he has begun to change into a Bokor. He says he doesn’t feel any different, or remember much after seeing them falling off of the roof. Then Yamanoi asks if he still has his genitals. The guys strip Maeda and see that he is still intact. Then Maeda asks what they will do to him once he fully becomes a Bokor. Before they can answer Hitotsukabuto summons them to director’s office over the PA.

They go to his office and are told that they have a telephone call. Yamanoi takes up the phone and converses with a Dr. Sakagami Yukko. She says that she needs help “saving the world”. When asked to explain herself, she says that there are in fact two viruses running rampant- the common and highly infectious M-virus, and the less common Bokor-producing F-virus. She says she can make a cure for the M-virus with the blood of an F-virus carrier. But she cannot find one herself because she is trapped in her laboratory on the Sea Firefly, a floating man-made island. Maeda volunteers to go, and Iwakura, Yoshioka, Yamanoi and the Hanabatas agree to go as well.

29 yamanois teeth

Yamanoi's teeth are falling out

But things are beginning to happen to Yamanoi’s body. Before they leave the Academy, several of his teeth fall out. This excites him, as he cannot wait to see what adventures lay ahead for him.

While on their way to the Sea Firefly, Maeda proposes that maybe they can take a boat to the island instead of driving around streets littered with crashed cars and zombies. Liking the idea, the group drives to a marina. What they find fascinates Yamanoi, but terrifies the others. Infected humans have been warped into seal-like creatures. Yamanoi, overcome with scientific curiosity, demands they stop and take one of these creatures along with them for study. He quickly changes his mind and gets back into the car when a massive ‘seal’ stalks and devourers a smaller one.

31 neck bite

A zombie attacks Yamanoi at the diner

They eventually find a small diner and grab a bite to eat while planning how to travel to the doctor. There are too many crashed cars for them to continue on with Hanabata’s truck. As everyone else is getting food, Yamanoi stares at his plate anxiously. He declines to eat beef after not having eaten for days, saying he doesn’t have much of an appetite. While sitting at a table alone there is movement, nearby. Suddenly a zombie emerges from under the table and lunges straight for Yamanoi’s neck. As he winces for the attack, the zombie loses interest in him and crawls away. Iwakura kills it, and the others gather around for the shocking news. Just like Maeda Yoshiaki, Yamanoi too is infected with the F-Virus.

He reveals that he was scratched when they were in the Academy van while driving away from the Bokor and his zombie horde. Considering how long it took him to ‘turn’ he deduces that he has the F-virus. He then asks what they will do with him, and Yoshioka replies nothing as he is not a threat to any of them. His friends still consider him to be a human. So they gather supplies and walk to the Tokyo Aqua-line, a tunnel that will lead them to the Sea Firefly.

More changes happen to Yamanoi. As he walks, he is having a hard time staying focused. He is uncharacteristically nice to Maeda, and confuses Yoshioka for his mother. Then he starts to bleed from his nose and mouth. He leans on Maeda and together they enter the tunnel.

32 Yamanoi cannot focus his thoughts

Yamanoi cannot explain his escape plan

The team walk deep into the tunnel for hours, and are stopped in their tracks by a huge car pileup. Their air is running out too, since the ventilation system has shut off and they are surrounded by carbon monoxide. Yoshioka asks Yamanoi what can they do to get out of this lose-lose situation, and the depth of Yamanoi’s mental degeneration is revealed. His thoughts are jumbled and he speaks of music and philosophy and their predicament in a nonsensical way. As Cell Four look at him sadly, Hanabata rushes over to an emergency exit. When he opens the door a hoard of zombies flood out. The guys run into a car, with Maeda and Yamanoi in the trunk. But the banging on the trunk remind Yamanoi of bill collectors banging on his and his mother’s apartment door. Disoriented, he rises from the trunk and tells the zombies to keep their hands off of his mother.

Yamanoi's CrimeEdit


Yamanoi murders a Child Protect Services worker

While in a daze, Yamanoi remembers his days as a middle school student living in poverty with his mother. She was very mentally disturbed and her behavior fluctuated from passive to aggressive to delusional constantly. She had dreams of returning to the theater stage, and even though they desperately needed money she could not be bothered with work, financial or domestic. She also beat Yamanoi’s hands with a conductor’s baton whether he brought home perfect grades or not. But he loved her unconditionally, and took care of her while protected her fragile mind from their reality of squalor, debt and starvation.

When his teacher suspected abuse in his home she sent a Child Protective Services worker to investigate. Yamanoi was willing to cooperate until the worker told him that he would be separated from his abusive mother. This enraged Yamanoi, and strangled the worker to death. Then he dragged the body to the roof of his apartment building and dumped the body into the municipal water tank. He was quickly found out, taken from his mother, and shuffled from reformatory to reformatory until he ended up at the Shouran Academy.

Current PlotEdit

Despite what he may think is going on, he is still suffocating to death while surrounded by of a mass of zombies. Maeda punches him and tells him to focus on a way to save everyone. Yamanoi quickly devises a plan— they must create an explosion that will clear away both the car wreck and the zombies. To do so they need to get the air circulating again, a large amount of gasoline, and something to create a spark. The circulating are will carry the gas fumes down the tunnel, and when ignited it will blast away all barriers. The pair climb over the infected (who will not attack fellow infected people) and set out to do their tasks. But Yamanoi’s mind drifts away again.

He begins to relive the moment when he was arrested for murder and led away in handcuffs. His last sight of his mother is her being questioned about her son’s actions, and her deluded mind assuming she is being interviewed about her return to acting. He reminds himself that it is not that day, and that he needs to focus harder on his work.

34 zombie Yamanoi

Yamanoi as a zombie

The guys are relieved when Maeda returns and oxygen begins to flow throughout the tunnel. But when Yamanoi returns, he is a shambling wreck, now completely overcome with the M-virus. He attacks Maeda, who begs him to stop. But instead of killing Maeda, he slams him down into the trunk and shuts it. Then he says that if everyone is inside the truck, who will start the fire to ignite the gas fumes? With a lighter he stole from Yoshioka, he struggles to flick it on. But with the help of the memory of his mother, he is able to overcome rigor mortis and start the fire. He is engulfed in light and flames.

Yamanoi "Noiman" "Neumann" Mitsuru has presumably died in Chapter 34. He sacrificed his life by blowing up zombies, a car pileup and setting himself alight in order to clear a path for his friends to continue onward to the Sea Firefly.


Remains of mitsuru's glasses

The remains of mitsuru's glasses placed on Yoshioka's counter.

Few years after the infected epidemic,Yoshioka now the owner of a game centre named after his family's old game center called Lucky Hill II placed Yamanoi's remaining glasses in his counter as a tribute to his departed friend. 


Iwakura Gou
They hardly agree on anything and frequently argue with one another, even during dangerous situations that demand teamwork. Iwakura chooses to help others, while Yamanoi chooses to protect himself.

Maeda Yoshiaki
Yamanoi had little use for Maeda, other than he was now a part of Cell 4 and they had to put up with each other. This changes once Maeda becomes infected. He now regards Maeda as his prized specimen for his infection research.

Yoshioka Masafumi
Yamanoi seems to get along with Yoshioka the best of his Cell 4 gang. They both share an indifference to going out of their way to help others.

The Infected
He is very interested in studying the affects of the viruses on the human body. He sees them as an evolutionary jump for humanity, and looks forward to the changes they will bring to the world.

Ms. Yamanoi
Mitsuru loves his mentally unstable mother very much, even though she beat him and could not take care of him properly. He took care of her and hid the fact that the letters and pounding on their door was from bill collectors and not fans.