Yoshioka Masafumi


Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 18
Infected No
Status Alive
Abilities Excellent with bladed weapons
Affiliation Cell Four

Hanabata Shinpei
Kasahara Yuuji

Rivals Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu

Child of Light Cultists
The Infected

First Appearance Chapter 1: Soon Crazy

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Yoshioka Masafumi (吉岡 正文 Masafumi Yoshioka) is an 18 year old student in the Shouran Academy to delenquents and is currently serving a sentence of 2 years and 3 months. It is not clear what landed him there, though. He resides in cell block four along with Iwakura Gou and Yamanoi Mitsuru and recently, Maeda Yoshiaki.


Yoshioka Masafumi is an average, muscular build. His hair is blonde and shoulder-length. Because of his hair, he sometimes gets mistaken for a girl.


Yoshioka appears to be the friendliest and most outgoing of the cell four block residents. He is pretty carefree and refuses to show fear to those who challenge him. In addition to being stubborn and always ready for a fight, he seems to always carry at least one knife on him at all times. He also pretty cocky and often provokes others into fights. In terms of the Myers Briggs Type indicator, Yoshioka is highly likely to be have an ESTP type personality.


Yoshioka is a very skilled fighter. His specialty are bladed weapons, which he always seems to have on hand. He has the ability to hot wire cars that don't have anti-theft immobilizers. He is also a good driver while under pressure.


The kanji for Yoshioka's name is Yoshi "lucky" and Oka "hill" which inspired the name for his family's arcade shop, "Lucky Hill", which the group visits on their way to the Japanese Defense Self Defense garrisio. Yoshioka's mother and father both started the business together but after a while his father ran off to be with a younger woman and never returned, causing Yoshioka to resent him. His mother was left to run the busines with her son until he too left (for the detention center). Yoshioka expresses regret for his past behaviors that caused his mother to be left alone, saying that he had done to her the exact same thing his father had. It is implied that his mother is dead as they leave his family's arcade shop to continue their journey.

The Beginning of the OutbreakEdit

The guys escape the Academy when it becomes overrun with the infected. After checking on Maeda's family and finding them infected, they encounter the naked man who can control the infected for the first time.

JSDF Weapons RunEdit

Upon returning to the Academy, Hitotsukabuto tells them to find weapons for him in order to stay there. They go to the JSDF, find weapons and meet Hanabata, Kasahara and Riku. Then they are attacked by the naked man again. They are able to subdue him, and it is decided best to bring him back with them to the Academy.

The Death of the First BokorEdit

After returning to the Academy with weapons, Yamanoi gives the naked man, who they have named "The Bokor," a physical examination. But the Bokor soo breaks free and begins to search for Maeda. The guys catch and kill the Bokor but before he dies he bites off Maeda's right thumb. When the guys get a hold of Maeda they amputate his right arm in an attempt to prevent the infection from spreading.

The Child of Light CultistsEdit

The guys fight a group of religious fanatics who worship the Bokor as an agent of God. Yoshioka nearly dies but is saved by Maeda who has not only regrown his arm but can now control the infected. Maeda kills most of the cultists and the Academy takes a break from the violence.

Journey to the Sea FireflyEdit

A woman named. Dr. Sakagami Yukko asks the boys to bring her an F-Virus infected person to make an M-Virus cure with. Maeda volunteers and the rest of Cell Four, along with Hanabata and Riku, set out to find her at the Sea Firefly. While on the road it is discovered that Yamanoi was bitten and also carries the F-virus. They continue on to find the doctor, but have to take a tunnel instead of the van due to traffic jams.

As the group venture deep within the tunnel they find themselves blocked by a car pile up and the presence of carbon monoxide. Opening an exit door, a flood of zombies rush out and attack the gang. They all hide in a car, but are quickly surrounded. While their situation appears to be hopeless, Yamanoi suddenly rises out of the trunk. Though he is deteriorating mentally because of the F-virus, he has formulated a plan that only he and Maeda, a fellow F-virus carrier, can carry out. Yoshioka and the others are shocked by what they see next. Yamanoi and Maeda get out of the trunk and "crowd surfed" over the infected. They have no idea what the pair are up to. As Yoshioka wonders if they have left them behind there is clean air again. They two have managed to restore the ventilation throughout the tunnel. Soon Maeda returns to them. But when Yamanoi comes back he is completely changed into one of the infected. Yoshioka can only stare helplessly as Yamanoi shoves Maeda back into the trunk, slams to door and flicks on a lighter he has stolen from Yoshioka. This ignites the flammable fumes circulating throughout the tunnel. With Yamanoi presumed dead from the explosion, the remaining 5 continue onward to find Yukko's lab on the on the Sea Firefly.

Sea Firefly Edit

Cell 4 and the Hanabatas finally reach Yukko on the Sea Firefly. While eating she asks where Yamanoi, the one she spoke to on the phone with. Everyone grows quiet and Maeda starts crying. Yoshioka hits him on the head and tells him to act like a grown-up as he leaves the room. He goes to be alone and when Maeda finds him he starts to reminice about Yamanoi. He tells Maeda that when Yamanoi came to the Shouran Academy for murder he was feared. People started addressing him as a superior, which Yoshioka hated. So he created the nicknames "Noiman" and "Neumann", which Yamanoi liked. They reminded him of two people- a mathematician and a minerologist/physicist of the same name. So Yoshioka was very distressed over Yamanoi's death, even though he was trying hard to hide it.

After he calms down, he and Maeda return to the group to prove Maeda is an F-virus carrier. Yoshioka does so quickly by cutting off one of Maeda's fingers and watching it grow back. Satisfied, Yukko she tells the group that she must give them a vaccine since they've been outside among the infected and exposed to any number of germs. They accept the vaccine and quickly collapse. She actually gave them all a super dose of insulin, which severely dropped their blood sugar and sapped them of their energy. She takes Maeda away to start on her zombie cure. Yoshioka meanwhile secretly ate a piece of candy to counteract the insulin drop. He was able to recover and chase the doctor, but she fought him off and locked him out of the operating room. She begins to violently bash Maeda in the head to get to the grey matter in his brain. This is the only way she can create an M-virus cure. Surprisingly Hitotsukabuto appeared and stopped Yukko from killing Maeda.

Everyone then gathered in one room and Hitotsukabuto explained why he was there. Daisy has been bitten and he wants to get the cure before she turns into a zombie. He wants the satisfaction of killing her himself and doesn't care if Maeda has to die for the cure. Yoshioka stands up to him, stating that he wants to kill the doctor for what she did to Maeda. Hitotsukabuto expresses his frustration with Yoshioka. He says that Yoshioka needs to realize that Maeda's death can save the world. Yoshioka disagrees with Hitotsukabuto, knowing that Hitotsukabuto cares more about killing Daisy than saving the world, and that is not a good enough reason to kill Maeda. Shinpei and Iwakura try to stop the arguing but fail. But everyone stops when Maeda fires a gun into the air. He suggests that they use the other F-virus carrier nearby. It's the female Bokor. But Iwakura demonstrates an important setback. He shoots at her and she uses a mass of the infected as a shield.

Hitotsukabuto turns back to attack Maeda, refusing to be denied an F-virus carrier. Yoshioka and Iwakura stand in his way, he tricks them into moving out of his way. Hitotsukabuto tries to hit Maeda with a machete to knock him out for the doctor. But before he can hit him Riku protects Maeda. Realizing that they can use this to their advantage, Yoshioka proposes they send Riku over to the Kisarazu side of the Aqua-line to capture the female Bokor. Shinpei objects to using his child in this way and Iwakura turns to the doctor. He asks her if the cure will do anything for someone who is in an advanced stage of infection. Yukko states that the cure won’t reverse infection but it will prevent further progression and alleviate some of the symptoms. With this in mind, Hanabata allows Maeda to guide Riku over to the Kisarazu side of the Tokyo Bay Aqua-line to grab the female Bokor.

The Merged BokorsEdit

Riku successfully captures the female Bokor. Yoshioka and the others watch Riku carry her back towards them and are shocked when a newer, larger male Bokor emerges behind him. Maeda yells for Riku to attack the new Bokor but the child fails. So Maeda calls Riku back to the Sea Firefly to protect him from any possible harm.

While Riku swims to safety the large male Bokor helps the female Bokor stand. They hug each other as if ready to kiss. But then they begin to bite at each others faces. Slowly their bodies begin to merge together. Once they become one, they form a orb. Yukko recognizes it as a zygote, a fertilized egg in the process of becoming a living being. Hitotsukabuto orders everyone to grab a gun and shoot at it. But it doesn't work. The egg undergoes cellular divistion and eventually melts away. A mutant fetus emerges. This monster then grows tendrils and inserts them inside the ears of the zombies nearby.

The baby Bokor begins to pull the attached zombies to it and creates a body for itself. Towering high above everyone, it moves towards the gap between the Tokyo Bay roadway and falls into the water. Yoshioka and the others think that is the end of the monster, the Bokor arises from the water, just as large as before.

Current PlotEdit

The newly revived infant Bokor chases the group and grabs Maeda, who he puts into its mouth. Iwakura rams a forklift into the baby, causing it to drop Maeda. As Maeda and Iwakura run for safety Yoshioka drives a truck into the baby and leaps out before the ensuing explosion breaks apart the baby Bokor’s zombie body.

Epilogue Edit

Yoshioka Masafumi-few years later

Yoshiaki Maeda few years after the infected epidemic

Few years after the infected epidemic,Yoshioka now owns a game center called Lucky Hill II named after his family's old game center ,He placed the late Yamanoi's remaining glasses in his counter as a memorial to his departed friend.


Maeda Yoshiaki
On good terms for the most part. Yoshioka will make fun of and joke around with Maeda. Yet they disagree at times, and their disagreements have sometimes become violent.

Iwakura Gou
He and Iwakura don't appear to have very much of a relationship with one another other than fighting together. At times Yoshioka seems unwilling to rescue someone unless he has something to gain from it. Therefore he thought nothing of leaving Iwakura behind at the JSDF garrison.

Yamanoi Mitsuru
They seem to get along with each other. They can both be disinterested with things going on around them, and don't usually go out of their way to help others. Yoshioka relies on Yamanoi's intelligence to analyze situations and come up with plans of action.

The Infected
Yoshioka seems to have the most sympathy for the infected and the Bokor. He admires that they continue to "live" lives somewhat close to the lives they once had. He also sees that the Bokor, although a monster, was also like a human, too. When things were good, nothing could touch it. But when things were bad, it ran away with only self-preservation on its mind.

Hitotsukabuto Kiyoharu
They have an antagonistic relationship and Hitotsukabuto seems to be the only person Yoshioka is afraid of. Yoshioka repeated picks fights with him, and is always defeated thanks to Hitotsukabuto's ability to see two seconds into the future. But he seems to respect Hitotsukabuto as well.